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The Ultimate Junk Removal Checklist

The Ultimate Junk Removal Checklist

With awareness about decluttering and cleanliness, people are opting for junk removal services more than ever. Also, worried about the cost? Get a quote and you will be surprised that it cost almost nothing compared to the effort.

A common misconception is that removal companies charge a lot. When you compare the effort and time, you realize that it cost nothing.

Putting the same effort and time into your business, you can make 10x more money. More importantly, you are contributing towards a healthy planet.

Hiring a junk removal service ensures every piece of the trash finds the right place.

If you haven’t hired a full service for removing junk before, you might want to know about the process. Here is the removal junk checklist to make the process easy and simple.

Contact a Junk Removal Company

Start with contacting a professional removal service. Talk to their customer service and invite a professional to get a quote.

Show them each and everything you want to be hauled away. If you need any other service apart from junk hauling, discuss with them.

Usually, junk removal companies are not limited to hauling services. They can remove your old furniture, help you organize the place, etc.

Convey your requirements perfectly to get the right quote. Most of the companies offer on-spot operation after you agree on the cost. However, some companies schedule the service at a different time with your consultation.

Junk Organization

Removing junk is not as simple as it was a few decades ago. Landfill facilities don’t accept all the trash items. It can makes the process a little challenging.

However, it is acceptable when you look at the facts.

In 2018, about 292.4 million tons of waste were generated in the United States. Most of the trash ends up in landfills. The planet needs our attention. We need to remove junk carefully to reduce the burden on our planet.

Unlike before, you shouldn’t throw everything just because you don’t need it.

Hence, you should divide your unnecessary items into different categories. It ensures everything doesn’t end up in landfills. Reuse and donate as many items as possible. Only throw an item when it is not usable in any manner.

When it comes to efficient junk removal, you need to organize your junk. It ensures that everything goes in the right place.


When we don’t need an item, we throw it in the trash. If you look in the trash bin, you will find that most of the items are still usable. Maybe you have purchased the latest model, but others can use it.

Separate items that are functional. It could be electronics, décor, clothes, kitchenware, furniture, etc. If you know an organization or person who needs this stuff, donates it to them. Otherwise, you can leave it for the junk removal company. They will donate the stuff to people who need it.

Donating is beneficial for the local economy and the global environment. More importantly, you can get a tax deduction for the value of items you donate.


The next step is to separate the recyclable items. Most of the metal, cardboard, paper, glass, and plastic items are recyclable.

Our planet needs recycling more than ever. We are mining metals more than ever. With recycling, we can reduce mining and help our planet.

Furthermore, you should recycle car batteries and electronics. However, it should be recycled at the right location.

With recycling, you are not only helping the planet but also reducing the cost of products. Remember this the next time you decide to throw any recyclable item.

Hazardous Waste

It is your responsibility that hazardous waste doesn’t visit a landfill. The landfill doesn’t accept hazardous items. If you don’t separate these items, your junk removal company will charge extra to handle them for you.

Some of the banned items include tires, motor oil, computers, paint cans, etc. Depending on your location, the banned list can be short or long.

Confused about acceptable items? Talk to your removal company and they will happily assist you. They will provide you with a list of banned items and you can separate them.


Now, here is the remaining junk. This junk can’t be donated, recycled, and not labeled as hazardous as well. Very well, you are good to go.

Place these items in the trash bin and your removal company will take care of them.

Make a Path for Junk Removal Company

Remember, nothing is free.

Once you have scheduled a junk removal service with your company, it is your responsibility to organize the junk.

After the organization, you need to make a clear path to your items. They should be able to access the junk without any inconvenience.

If you don’t want the company professional in your home, you can place the junk in your garage. It is important if you are concerned about safety or hygiene.

In case, you can’t remove items due to excessive weight, make sure they have easy access. They will do the heavy lifting as long as they have access.

When you don’t make an accessible path, the junk removal crew needs to make a path. It will result in more labor time. Ultimately, you need to pay extra.

In order to avoid extra bills, you should organize your junk effectively.


Removing junk is not an easy process. With a variety of junk, you need to ensure every category goes to the right place.

Luckily, we have junk removal companies who make the entire process easier than ever. They handle bulky items and unnecessary stuff carefully.

All you have to do is to organize the junk. Junk removal experts will take care of the remaining work.

When you separate items into various disposal categories, it helps the removal service to dispose of them effectively. Hence, you shouldn’t ignore this part.

To ensure minimum expense, it is advised to get a quote from multiple companies. Compare their removal of junk services and go with the best price.

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