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Brighten up Your Day with Beautiful Pink Carnation

Brighten up Your Day with Beautiful Pink Carnation

Carnation flowers are among the oldest flowers on earth. They have a rich history and a wide array of uses. Carnations are used on both joyful occasions and sorrowful occasions. All you need is to understand the best color and shade of pink carnations you should use to brighten up a day. 

Carnations are January’s birth flowers. You can use them as a sign of hope and a new beginning. They are best when you offer them early in the morning. Then, they help keep the recipient cheerful all day long. 

History of Carnations

Pink carnations are known as the divine flower. They are mentioned in ancient Greek literature dating back to over 2000 years. The flowers were used as a Greek ceremonial crown. The name carnation is a Latin word to mean garland, wreath, crown, or chaplet.  

The flowers are known by a group name Dianthus. There is a myth that states that the name comes from Goddess Diana. The story says that Diana likes a shepherd boy. But the boy rejected her. Out of anger, she ripped his eye and threw it to the ground. A flower grew from the point of contact, and it was named Dianthus. 

Traditional Meanings of Carnations

To select carnation flowers to brighten up your day, you need to understand the traditional meaning of the flowers. Sometimes, the meaning is attached to the color and not the species. Thus, you’ll have a clear understanding of the colors you will send along your pink carnations. 

Red carnations are a symbol of socialism. They are common during demonstrations or on labor days. Thys, you can brighten up the day of any worker with red and pink carnations. 

Dark red carnations are a symbol of deep and affectionate love. But if the relationship is new, you can mix light red carnations, a symbol of administration, and pink carnations. 

White carnations symbolize pure love. They are also a symbol of veterans and memory of resistance in some cultures. However, if the white carnation is stripped, regret and love cannot be shared. 

White carnations are common when sending condolences. However, the purple carnation flower carried the meaning of sorrow, grief, and condolences. 

Types of Pink Carnations to Brighten up Up Your Day 

Carnation flowers exist in many colors and types. Several carnation species have a pink variety. Some of them exist only as pink flowers. Below are some types of pink carnations that you can use to brighten up your day. 

Dianthus Caryophyllus

These are the most common types of carnations. They are available in several colors, including pink. They grow large, and one stem is enough to cheer up a dull soul. They have greyish-green foliage that helps to highlight their pink color. They grow well in humid areas. Thus, they are available in many parts of the country. 

Delightful Pinks

They are a smaller variety of carnations. They exist in pink only. Pinks have more than one flower on one stem. Florists use them as filler flowers in many bouquets. The best part is that you can send delightful pinks alone. They are cheerful and beautiful.  

Cheddar Pinks

These types of carnations grow throughout the year. They have a sweet fragrance and a beautiful shade of pink. Many people use them as garden flowers. They are a low-growing variety that acts as ground flowers. You can send a basket of cheddar pinks as a flower gift.  

Maiden Pinks

This variety exists in red and hot pink carnation flowers. They are perennial plants that bloom during summer times. Their stems are long. Thus you can use them as home decor cut flowers. 

Dianthus Plumarius

This type of carnation flower is a common flower, just like the caryophyllus. It exists in basic pink color. They have a resemblance with dianthus caryophyllus. However, they are spray carnations that grow more than one flower head on one stem. 

Dianthus American Pie

These flowers have a bright and vivid pink. They grow as a single flower, although they are spray carnations. Therefore, you can use them in a bouquet alongside other flowers. 

Dianthus Pink ball Wizzard  

This is among the unique carnations you can get. Their frilly petals are pink in color. However, they gave dark pink freckles that make them stand out. They have many petals. Thus, it would help if you had fewer stems to make a beautiful bunch. 


There are several varieties of pink carnations. The list above has the most common carnation flowers. They are loved since they have full petals and beautiful shades. You can use them in a garden or send them as flower bouquets

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