Today, Internet has opened a  large number of opportunities for people around the world. We can do many things like blogging, vlogging, content writing, data entry, and video streaming. Of all these options video streaming is the most trending and famous nowadays. Platforms like OTT, and IPTV  are also video streaming platforms. Which is widely used today. People are making money using these platforms. Do you also want to make money using these platforms? Let us first have some more knowledge about them. Read this article to know how can we earn money using these platforms.

What is IPTV?

IPTV can be simply explained as a medium for communicating television programming to the viewers with the help of the internet.

  • Its scope is much broader and can be deployed in the subscriber-based telecommunication network.
  • IPTV follows a process in which the usual television content is delivered over the IP networks.
  • A sharp difference here is that users can stream the content continuously using IPTV, unlike traditional cable TV.

Type of IPTV Services

There are multiple types of IPTV services present today for selection. These are the most prominent IPTV services – 

1.Video On Demand 

You must be familiar with streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, etc. that charge a subscription fee to give you access to their content library. IPTV VoD works the same way. IPTV video systems are facilitated with video or audio file compressions, carried with IP multi-media transmission.

2. TV on Demand 

It is very much similar to VoD, as it allows you to watch your content from anywhere. The difference is that it is just limited to the tv shows and the movies broadcasted on TV channels. Its charges are usually on a per show or movie basis.

3. Near Video on Demand 

The unique thing about it is that the entertaining videos broadcasted on these channels have a fixed schedule and new additions are made once the schedule ends. This model is also used for PPV services to charge for the content from its users. 

4. Live Broadcast 

It is quite similar to live cricket matches or award shows that can be watched on television. The difference is very technical. It is about how it is delivered to the end user. In spite of coaxial cable, the content is broadcasted using the internet.

5. Time Shifted TV 

This is very suggestive of the services which are offered by it. It allows showcasing the content missed by your viewers on TV. But the point to be noted here is that the availability of the old content is just for a limited period of time.

Key Features for Starting a Business

Have a look at the most prominent features of IPTV – 

1. Personalization

It is one of the most prominent benefits of IPTV. When it comes to watching video content on television allows personalization.

2. Availability of Content 

IPTV servers allow the service providers to store a very large amount of content on the bandwidth. This content can be delivered to the user at their request.

3. Multi-Device Support 

You can watch your favorite content on more than one device including TV, smartphones, laptop, PCs, etc. And there is no limitation of location, you can watch your shows anywhere you are.

4. Dynamic 

The IPTV services are very dynamic. They allow the users to enjoy a very wide range of things including live IPTV, HDTV, interactive games, etc.

How Does IPTV Work?

 Now, it is very clear what is IPTV. Let’s check out how it works.

The traditional mediums such as cable TV directly reach the audience by sending analog signals. The video content shown to you is transmitted using light pulses in fiber-optic cables or in satellite radio waves. The traditional mediums don’t give you much flexibility when it comes to choosing the content, you can’t dictate the terms.  You can only either watch what is being shown or you have one more option…shut down the television.

Whereas, in the case of IPTV or Internet-based streaming, you are free to watch whatever you want and whenever you want, depending on your subscription.

IPTV solutions for the businesses deploy in various video streaming server hosting that is used to store the content. This gives the user the flexibility to watch the stored content at their convenient

 How to Monetize your IPTV Network

Here are some common ways to monetize your IPTV network. These will allow you to generate revenue whenever your content is viewed by someone.

1. Advertisement 

Are you thinking of making money through your streamed content, advertisements are the most reputed way that comes to mind. There are different types of advertisements that could be added in between your content. There are some types of it also – 

  • Pre-roll ads – Short commercial ads can be added in between your content. And this ad pops up when the user is watching any video.
  • Video ads – IPTV allows the users to add short commercial ad videos to your streamed video content. These ads can be of a specific length but can help in generating a huge amount of money.

2.  Monthly Subscriptions 

If you continuously post new content on your IPTV channel, and you have a huge number of followers, then you can set up your monthly subscription plans. It will help you to generate leads and a handsome amount of revenue. 

3. Google Ad-Sense

It allows you to add ads to your content by following a few steps and techniques.

4. Video on Demand

 Video on demand can be used if you are no longer able to generate from your content. It allows you to propose your content on users’ demand. Here they can watch it anytime. With this, you can generate a good income from content that was updated months or years ago

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.