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4 Innovative Small Business Ideas Using AI

4 Innovative Small Business Ideas Using AI

It seems like there is always something new that AI has to offer. From the gaming world to handling big data, AI is intrinsically entwined in our lives. One of the best things about AI is that this can be used to start businesses, not just help already established companies run their daily tasks. 

The impact of AI in the companies that use them are many and undeniable. AI helps keep your workflows functioning efficiently, saves companies time and money by reducing the need for repetitive work and opening up employee bandwidth to attend to more productive pursuits. AI can be a one-stop shop for all the data a business has, like repositories where data can be accessed, updated, and stored. AI can even predict how your customers will act based on their previous activities when browsing through your business’ page. 

Small business ideas using AI

With its wide applications in different spheres of business, AI applications provide excellent business opportunities for the entrepreneurial mind. 

Hiring apps

The hiring process is undeniably one of the more rigorous endeavors when one is running a business. Hiring apps make this process a lot less of a headache than it normally is. Whether you are hiring recent grads or are looking for experienced experts in different fields, having an app that does most of the repetitive, data driven work for you reduces most of the stress and the man-hours that the entire hiring process usually involves. 

Many hiring apps will do the vetting and the data compiling. These apps will wade through hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes and drill down to the ones that fit whatever the client is looking for. Clients will pay a premium price for an app that will save them the most hours and provide them exactly what and who they need. Because on their end, it frees up a lot of time, money, and effort that can be channeled to other things that are also beneficial for the company. 

Marketing apps

Businesses go where customers gather. Because where there are customers, there is revenue. To assist in companies’ pursuit of gaining more customers and making their marketing ideas come to life, marketing apps were created. 

The best AI driven marketing apps will be mobile-friendly, promote their clients’ business, drum up interest from the right audience and not just blast ads to the general populace. They will also provide a platform where people can strategize and plan out their ideas, assign tasks, set up a schedule, and basically run the entire project or campaign from that platform. 

AI-powered database

Approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated every day. So when we say big data, we do mean big data, and data needs to find a home where they can be stored and retrieved easily. 

Databases powered by AI technology take in big data, categorize them organically, and then make them available for use in whatever way clients need them. Having these databases protects sensitive data and provides companies with a secure way to store, edit, and disseminate information needed to run the different cogs in their business. 

Payroll apps

You keep the best employees happy by paying them justly. Therefore, payroll plays a very big part in any type of business. Employees want more than just the experience of working for companies, they also want fair compensation. 

However, payroll can be a tedious and repetitive process. That is why payroll apps provide a wide array of services from time-tracking to computing the company’s share in worker’s compensation. Payroll apps lessen the chances for human error to muddle things up. Using these apps ensures accurate computing and data all throughout the payroll process. 


AI has been making the business world better and more efficient for years. AI can even be a source of new business and new opportunities. And with AI constantly evolving, these apps will only get better and so will the opportunity to capitalize on them. 

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