actual cash flow

When a startup is small, you have more control over your employees and expenses. However, once a business hits a sales range of $5 million or more, it can be difficult to keep track of its financials.

It’s Time to Analyze the Cause of Growth

As a startup grows, business owners need to evaluate why things are growing and identify the steps needed to maintain substantial growth.

If a business is growing, it shows that you are doing many things right. However, if a business grows too quickly, it is easy for you to lose your focus and the ability to handle different business matters. It is important to understand the cause of the growth and then identify primary focuses in financial areas.

For example, you want to identify where your profit started. You want to evaluate your current budget and attempt to predict where your budget will be with continued growth.

Identify actual cash flow. Find out the amount of money you are spending on employees, equipment purchases, property, etc.

You want the growth to continue. This means identifying who your customers are, what is attracting them to your firm, and how can you keep them coming back.

You need to have a forward-thinking mentality. This includes planning for the future cost of employees.

Work with a Competent Financial Advisor

When your business grows quickly, you are going to need to get more cash to maintain momentum and sustain sudden growth. However, this influx of cash is not always a simple thing to handle. This is especially true if growth means sudden and drastic changes in your business. An example of this would be moving from working out of your garage to renting an office space or warehouse.

If you are not prepared and do not properly budget for these changes, you may face unexpected challenges that result from mismanaging money. Key among these are cash flow problems. You may inadvertently overpay or underpay vendors. Your organization may have too much or not enough inventory. You could have higher revenue but insufficient cash flow.

Working with a good financial advisor is crucial. They can offer impartial advice to help you run your business and manage your finances wisely. Financial advisors can provide accurate projections that ensure continued financial growth.

Work to Hold On to Your Quality Clients

Without customers, your business will not grow. No matter how long you have been working with your startup, keeping in contact with your customers is important.

They are the ones who will make or break your business. The input they provide is invaluable. If they feel heard and valued, they will stick with you. If not, they can quickly turn to a competitor if they feel that your products do not match their expectations.

Business leadership plays a vital role in how customers are dealt with. With customer interactions, outstanding leaders have remarkable entrepreneurial insights. They have the foresight to identify things that can disrupt customer relationships and the wisdom to take advantage of opportunities to benefit the customer.

Find the Right Employees for Your Organization

A good leader is just a person walking by themselves if they don’t have anyone following them. A growing startup needs to have the right team members with the right mindset to help the business move forward.

Scaling up the people who work for your startup will be one of the largest challenges you will face. It is difficult to find the right people with the right motivation and mindset.

It is not just a matter of finding the right people, but it is also a matter of putting them in the right positions. You want employees who can adjust as your business system changes. You want driven people who are looking to constantly improve their skills and who want to improve their own competency.

It can be tempting to hire someone with the same personality and skillsets as yours. However, studies show that employees with different backgrounds and unique skill sets can produce better results and are key to innovation.


Leading a growing startup is not an easy experience. Many people look to mentors to help them grow personally. Their personal growth then helps them better deal with the rapid growth of their startup.

By Anurag Rathod

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