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Six common photocopy machine problem and path to resolution

Six common photocopy machine problem and path to resolution

As technology is a tricky thing, it is prevalent to face issues while using it. In a business, a photocopy machine is the most available equipment, which is used very frequently.

In this article, we will discuss problems that you can face with a photocopy machine daily and solutions to those problems.

Photocopy Machine

Slow printing speed

Sometimes, printing speed is slower than you want it to be. This may happen because your router is far away from the machine, the software requires an update, etc. A real have for printing faster is printing in draft mode. The draft mode also saves on ink or toner.

Paper jams

Paper jams are the most common problem faced in the photocopy machine. They can be caused because of the use of incorrect size paper or paper alignment. Paper jams can be fixed manually when a person takes out the paper stuck in the photocopy machine.

Another reason for paper jam is paper dust. Paper dust is a real thing. You must wipe out the dust from the feed tires present inside the machine to avoid paper jams.

Small Photocopier

Prints faded or extra dark

  • Imbalance in the density controls of a small photocopier can cause prints to be faded or extra dark sometimes.
  • Employers, according to their needs, also adjust the printing settings. You can opt for resetting.
  • Some aftermarket toners which are low in quality also result in uneven prints. In this case, replacement is the option.

Cartridge or toner’s problem

When there is less or no toner left in the cartridge, it can be harmful to your copier. It is necessary to replace the cartridge when the toner is empty. If the cartridge is acceptable or has a perfect amount of toner, then the following issues might be present:

  • Manufacturing error: You should take the copier to the place of purchase and ask for a replacement.
  • Incompatibility issues: If you use the toner that does not suit your copy machine, it might not respond positively to the toner. The print quality might also suffer. You need to get the toner that works the copier.

Lines on the paper

Sometimes, when you copy an image or text on the right-sized paper, you may see lines or streaks on the finished copy. In this case, the copier is at fault. There is more than one reason for this. A few of them are:

  • The issue in the fusers.
  • Problem with the drum blade.
  • Problem with the developer unit.
  • Foreign substances like dust, etc., might be present on the copier’s glass or machine.

This problem can be fixed by cleaning the glass and mirror. You can also refer to the copier’s manual for getting the solution for this.

Papers with wrinkles

Sometimes, due to worn-out feed or exit rollers, papers from the photocopy machine come out wrinkled. This may also be the result because of a low-cost photocopy machine. If the issue is with the paper trays, you can always opt for replacement. However, for fixing the exit rollers, you may require a technician.
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