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When it comes to Human Resource Management, the concern about recruitment and employee productivity has always been at the top of the list. All HR managers will encounter various problems in the workplace. As an HR professional, of course, you must be aware of them and learn to solve each one. After all, it is also the responsibility of the human resource manager to make sure that the employees are happy and content with the organization.

The Role Of HR In The Increase Of Productivity

Over the years, the role of human resource manager has gone through significant changes. Earlier, they were considered to be just recruiters and helpers of policy builders in the organization. But today, the evolution of business has re-established the role of the HR manager in a number of ways. And as per the topic of our discussion, the influence of human resource managers in increasing productivity is also immense. 

On the other hand, it’s become now the responsibility of HR to ensure that the employees are productive. Hence, the HR managers are now more focused on just recruiting candidates but then finding the right and talented candidate. And it can be understood that the productivity of the organization depends wholly on the employee selection made by the human resource manager. Thus, you can either say directly or indirectly that the HR managers are held responsible for the productivity resulting in an organization.

The Top Tips For HR Manager

As we now know and agree with the fact that the HR managers do have an influence on the organization’s productivity, it’s evident that it gives rise to many questions. This may include – Is there anything that the HR manager could do? If yes, what are the steps to boost employee productivity? What are the possible guidelines that can be followed? Etc. 

Keeping in mind the recent improvements and the queries that have arisen, the following strategies are suggested to the HR managers in order to assist them in the productivity increase. 

Right Employee Selection

Aren’t we all familiar with the saying – “Precaution is better than cure.” Similarly, the HR managers are required to take the necessary steps in finding the right candidate for the organization, and if needed, you can even take advantage of the technological hiring tools.. The selection of the employee itself has the capability of reducing 70% of the possible risk in the future.

Therefore, the managers need to make sure that the candidate selected is potential enough and talented. Even better to go through a thorough pre-employment screening or background check to ensure that your choice isn’t wrong. Once you are sure and confident of your own choice, you can have an idea of what the productivity of the employee could be and if you need any improvement is required. 

Challenging Responsibilities And Accountability

This is an effective strategy to increase productivity, and it’s commonly agreed upon by many human resource managers. We are in an era where more than 80% of our employees are millennials. They prefer more challenging tasks and being competitive, unlike the previous workers. The more challenging their tasks get, the more engaged and productive they feel.

The HR managers can rightly take advantage of this emerging attitude towards work from the employees. Along with the challenging tasks, the managers can demand accountability for the assigned tasks. And the employees know that they will be held accountable, they would obviously try to be more productive in their jobs. 

Equip The Team with The Right Tools

When talking about business performance, we know that the skills of your employees play an integral role. But at the same time, unless they have the right tools to deliver quality work, their skills become useless. Especially when it comes to technology, there is no option because many employees demand it. 

You can make the job easier for them by equipping them with the right tools that help them in enhancing their skills. Apart from improving the skills, it also helps them in completing their tasks faster and accurately, contributing to accuracy. 

For instance, let us take into consideration the software and since we are discussing HR, let’s consider the human resource management software. Many companies are transforming their organization from the traditional pen-paper HR practices to implementing the available best hr software. This has led to the efficient management of human resources and proved to be beneficial to the employers, HR managers, as well as the organization as a whole.

Carry Out An Employee Review Session

Another effective way that an HR manager can deploy to ensure productivity is to give a chance to the employees to speak and listen to them. In short, to make the employees more productive, ask them what they need. Well! There’s a difference between need and want. And even if you want to accept, what they say is secondary. But then, when you listen to them, the very act fills them with enthusiasm and a feel of belonging.

This results in engaging your employees quite well to your organization. When they are engaged, it obviously results in better productivity. Added to this, some of the suggestions and feedback from the employees are out of the expertise experience of work in the same field. And thus, it can be of great value and can add to the development of your organization. Hope none of us want to miss such a great chance.  

Set Up A Proper Physical Environment

Most of the time, the consideration of the physical environment of the organization is overlooked. But then, the environment in which an employee is expected to work highly influences productivity. Depending on the work space setup, your employees’ productivity can either increase or decrease.

When we talk about the ideal workplace set up, it also includes the temperature, availability of required space, etc. A study undertaken in 2015 discovered that temperatures below 68 degrees result in a 50% drop in productivity and an increase of errors by 44%. The ideal temperature for peak employee performance is 71.5 degrees. Thus, making employees feel comfortable will increase the likelihood as well as contributes to productivity. 

Organizing Learning And Development Programs

Have you ever heard of the story of the most effective and hardworking lumberjack (also known as woodcutter) who forgot to sharpen his axe? You may wonder what’s the need to mention it now. If you did, you’re not at all wrong. But let me tell you why. Similar to the lumberjack, who was the most productive in the beginning, observed that with the passage of days, slowly, his productivity was dropping and later was advised by his master to sharpen his knife, the employees in the organization need regular training to enhance their skills and performance.

The HR manager can make training and talent development programs an important tool to increase productivity. These training helps the employees identify where they stand and where they need to rectify their work aspects. This knowledge helps them be more productive and also contributes to being engaged to the organization that takes the initiative in upskilling them.

Recognition, Appraisals, and Appreciation

As mentioned earlier in the article, the attitude towards work is so very different from what it was before because of the millennial workforce. Unlike the previous generation, the millennials are not only considered about their monetary benefits, but also the recognition and appreciation that is received in front of the staff. This works as a motivating factor.

The human resource manager, looking forward to the increase in productivity, can use this tip. Not only is the appreciated employee happy and motivated, but it also will help him strive more and give the best he could to the organization because of his efforts being noticed and recognized. Apart from this, as a by-product, the other employees too are encouraged and feel challenged to be more productive and contribute to the organization to receive the same or even better appreciation.


Change being constant; we have already witnessed how the changes are so drastic and influential. Especially in the field of human resource management. And it’s the need of time that the HR managers are well organized and innovative in all their activities. If they discern and equip the right strategies, then they can be sure of making the organization a better place as well as creating a mutually benefitting atmosphere for the employees as well as the employers.

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