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The Ultimate Guide to Improve Employee Engagement through Workplace Collaboration

The Ultimate Guide to Improve Employee Engagement through Workplace Collaboration

It goes without saying that the productivity of your organization is directly dependent on collaboration. It’s a team game and no matter how many rock stars you have in the organization if the team as a whole doesn’t collaborate your net productivity suffers. While every organization harps on workplace collaboration the big question is – how does an organization ensure individual employees and teams collaborate? In a highly digitized world improving workplace collaboration is both a challenge and an opportunity. There are various tools and technologies that can be adopted to reach this goal but at the same time it is important to ensure that these are implemented in the right manner.

The digital landscape is diverse and you’d be using dozens of tools and apps to improve employee engagement and collaboration. From messenger tools to file sharing software you are already using dozens of them in your organization. But have you adopted Audience Response Software? While your existing tools may have helped you in spurring immediate collaboration among various teams in the organization without an Audience Polling System the ultimate goal of creating an ecosystem of seamless workplace collaboration would remain unfulfilled. Let now take a look at what is employee engagement and how you can improve workplace collaboration through the use of Interactive Polling Software.

What is Employee Engagement?

 By definition of it ‘employee engagement’ is the relationship an employee has with the organization at an individual level. A happy and motivated employee is a big asset to any organization. At the organizational level it is the relationship teams have with different teams. When you are able to boost employee engagement they work in furthering the interests and goals of the organization and thus boost the overall productivity. Individuals and team members work as a well clogged wheel to deliver results in the most competitive scenarios.

How to Improve Workplace Collaboration with Audience Response Software?

In a highly digitized world where employees need to constantly stay updated with the latest trends in the market it is very important to have a motivated workforce. There are several ways in which you can employ Audience Response Software to boost workplace collaboration. Here are some of the ways in which you can employ these tools in different activities within the organization –

  • Training Services– In an ever evolving market it is very important to put your employees through regular training. They need to stay updated with the latest developments in the market and also be aware of how your products and service improve the lives of the end customers. It is needless to say that training needs to be engaging and productive. Traditional one-way communication based training isn’t productive. You’d want the employees to raise their concerns, ask questions and retain the knowledge that is imparted during the training. Interactive Polling Software is of great help in this regard. Trainers can use this tool actively to ask questions at every important juncture and also encourage group discussions.
  • Conferences–Conferences are a part and parcel of every organization’s calendar. These are great places to share an organization’s future goals and programs and also gather vital feedback from different units in the organization. To state the truth not everyone attending your company’s periodic conferences are actively part of the event. For some it is more about an obligation that they need to meet. This is where employing Conference Polling App during the event helps in improving the actual participation level. You can poll different opinions and ideas and build consensus around the future goals of the organization. When presented with an opportunity to share views and opinions even the most introvert of employees come up with great ideas.
  • Product Development–As a business you are launching new products and services on a regular basis. With neck breaking competition in the market there is no room for a half-baked product or service. A new product or service that has shortcomings can dent your brand name and reputation. You can engage your team in the Alpha Testing phase of your products and services. You can make use of the Audience Polling System to engage all your employees to test a certain product or service that you intend to launch in the market. While all your employees may not be technical experts on the product/service but they will be able to offer feedback from the shoes of the end customer. This also boosts the morale of the workforce and makes them feel an important part of the organization.

You can clearly see that Audience Response Software encourages workplace collaboration and helps in improving employee engagement. With dozens of such tools readily available it is important for you to choose an Interactive Polling Software that can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization.


In this guide we take a look at how employee engagement can be improved in an organization with Workplace Collaboration and the role Audience Response Software plays in this goal.

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