How to Write Compelling Job Description to Attract Digital Nomads to Your Startup

Having a great business idea and starting a business is an excellent way to ensure independence and freedom. Logically, startup owners also have many concerns they will have to deal with. Everything from attracting investors to finding the best advertising method may seem complex at first glance. That is the reason why entrepreneurs have to find employees that can help them reach their goals. One of the options they have is hiring digital nomads. 

Digital nomads do not have the same mentality as average workers. Unfortunately, it seems that many entrepreneurs do not understand the demands these people have. According to Steven Donovan, the thesis writer at GetGoodGrade, startup owners often write the same job descriptions for all types of workers. After they don’t reach the goals they had, they often start looking for online writing services that will improve the quality of their job description. 

The good news is that entrepreneurs do not have to be qualified content writers to complete that part of the job successfully. There are a couple of steps they all need to make and design proper job descriptions that will attract digital nomads to their startup. Let’s find them out together! 

Highlight the Opportunity for Remote Working

Working from home was a popular working method even before the pandemic occurred. However, the statistics confirm that around 65% of the people have the desire to become full-time remote employees in the post-pandemic period. 

When we talk about digital nomads, the opportunity for remote work is essential for them. However, keep in mind that digital nomads are not the same as freelancers. They are looking for employment security like any other person you would hire. That is the reason why both sides need to make some sort of balance. 

Let’s use an example to make things clear. There are some jobs that do not require the physical presence of the employee. For instance, collaborating online with graphic designers, content writers, and video editors is possible. The employer can, in that case, allow digital nomad travel from one country to another while he works on his project. Of course, every entrepreneur also needs to possess some project management skills. Organizing everything under those conditions requires a bit more effort and knowledge. 

It is mandatory to highlight that there is an option to work remotely. Highlighting that piece of information in the heading of the job description will probably be the most effective. You can do it like in the example below. 


Say a Few Words about Your Startup’s Location

Australian startup owners often make common mistakes. One of the mistakes is not understanding the importance of the location of their business. 

The location of the startup offices is another essential factor for digital nomads. It doesn’t matter if your business is located near the city center or on the edge of Sydney. If the digital nomad like the town and country, you can be sure these pieces of information will be irrelevant for him. 

On the other hand, it may happen that a digital nomad has never heard about your town. That is the reason why entrepreneurs should highlight all the town’s benefits. For example, they can talk about lovely beaches that have a strong Wi-Fi connection. A natural environment is often an attractive place for that type of worker. On the other hand, startup owners can also highlight the important facilities that are near the office. That includes gyms, restaurants, hospitals, etc. 

Of course, these descriptions do not have to be in a textual form. On the contrary, it would be much better to provide images and videos that will confirm all the statements. It would be great to find a review of the town that some vloggers recorded. In that way, the digital nomad will get an opinion from a person that also likes to travel. 

Describe All the Duties as Well as Benefits Clearly 

Digital nomads put a list of factors into consideration before traveling to another country. The job opportunity may be the only reason why they decided to come to your place. That is the reason why business owners need to make all the details clear before that person even comes to their office. For instance, if there is an option for professional development, talking about that would be essential. The job description should also clearly explain all the duties as well as the benefits for completing the tasks successfully. 


Templates and examples of job descriptions may serve you as an inspiration. The only task of an entrepreneur would be to adapt the content to their job offering

Charm the Digital Nomads with Social Proof

What do people usually do before they spend money on a product? They are looking for someone that will confirm that the product has the value and quality they expect. Things are not different when we talk about digital nomads. They will want to hear the opinion about your company from other digital nomads as well. 

Fortunately, advanced technology allows entrepreneurs to make social proofs more visible. For instance, startup owners can add a link to a job description that will lead to a “testimonial page”. The previous digital nomads can, for instance, record themselves while talking about their work experience in the company. They can share all the details about life in the town, duties they had, etc. This video is a good example.

Digital nomads usually have almost the same or identical demands and requirements. Their mentalities are similar as well. That is the reason why word-to-mouth promotion will bring more effective results compared to self-promotion tactics. 

Make the Job Description Grammatically Correct and Engaging

Of course, the structure of the job description also needs to be at the highest level. That is a sign that an entrepreneur is a professional that takes care of his employees from the very beginning. Despite that, the digital nomad will manage to understand all the requirements and benefits easier in that way. That is the reason why adding bullet lists and tables can boost the readability level of the job description. 

Despite that, making the headline of the job description clear is essential. It is the first thing that the digital nomad will see. If the headline does not grab his attention, he probably won’t even start reading the job description. 

Final Thought

It seems that attracting the digital nomads is not that difficult. All the steps from the above will raise the chances of the businesses to attract digital nomads to their company. It is essential to be flexible and accept some of the requirements that those people usually have. Despite that, the job description needs to be clear and precisely explain all the requirements and benefits. 

Publishing the job description on the company’s website is not the only option entrepreneurs have. They can, for instance, share it on their social media accounts. On the other hand, they can invest some money in paid-ad campaigns and reach digital nomads in that way. 

Dorian Martin is a content writer and consultant for educational and technology blogs. Currently, he works with a research paper writing service providing help to grad students. Throughout his career, he served as a writer and proofreader and worked with experienced copywriters and bloggers.

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