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Hong Kong is a highly competitive and fast-moving economy, which is also seen in its job market. It has been found in recent time, there is a good influx of expat professionals in Hong Kong every year. As a result, a high turnover of employees is seen every year in most of the big and small organizations, both locals and foreigners. Hence, organizing human resources is considered very important for a smooth operation of any businesses. Thus, HR jobs in Hong Kong are in high demand, right from the entry-level executive position to the mid-level and top-level positions like as CEO, Director and HR Head position. 

Top HR Jobs in Hong Kong at Mid-Level for the Year 2019 

There are regular HR job openings in Hong Kong. Most consultancy firms, recruitment agents, organizations in Hong Kong look for HR professionals in varied roles. As per your experience and skill, some of the top HR jobs in Hong King in mid-level positions are as follows:

Regional Human Resources Generalist 

This is a high-profile HR job in Hong Kong at mid-management level. The candidate’s job role is to develop, implement and administer HR programs and policies. These can include advice and consultation, recruiting and training for individuals, talent and performance management. And most of the time, this is a regional head position. Here, in HR generalist HR jobs in Hong Kong, candidates usually need to monitor all the Asia Pacific offices associated with the hiring organization.  An experienced HR advisor with strong business acumen is preferred. Candidates with a relevant professional degree with around 8 to 10 years of relevant HR experience are preferred for this job position. 

Assistant Human Resources Relationship Manager

Assistant Human Resources Relationship Managers are another type of HR jobs in Hong Kong which are highly demanded. Candidates have to play an important role of attracting, retaining, and nurturing to build a high-performance team for the organization. Candidates need to support Business HR partners on all types of HR activities and events. This is also a mid-level job position where candidates with a degree in Human Resources Management, Business Management or related disciplines are hired. Most organizations give preference to candidates with 5 to 7 years of relevant HR experience. 

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Some organizations look for Talent Acquisition Specialists. Since there are many international professionals in the country, most organizations require specialized professionals only for talent acquisition. Thus, one of the most sought-after HR jobs in Hong Kong is the job of Talent Acquisition Specialists. Candidates need to work closely with stakeholders to know their recruitment needs, identifying top talents, recruiting them, managing the internal and external job board, and also providing counseling on talent acquisition strategies. The ideal candidate should have a minimum of 8 years of work experience in Talent Acquisition. Employers also look for candidates who are proficient in both spoken English and Cantonese, good interpersonal skills, and experts in general Microsoft Office applications. 

HR Officer

This is one of the most common HR jobs in Hong Kong. Responsibilities include assisting in reviewing, developing, preparing administrative and HR policies, preparing filing and documentation, providing general administrative support. While, this can be an entry-level position, in some organizations, HR officers are hired with at least 4 to 8 years of experience as an HR officer, Administrative Officer or in similar roles. Here too, candidates proficient in spoken and written Chinese and English are preferred.

Human Resources Advisory Manager

At mid-level position, another popular HR job in Hong Kong is that of the position of Human Resources Advisory Manager. The principal responsibilities include leading a team of HR advisers in supporting and helping employees and people managers across a variety of HR services and activities. The job role also involves providing advice and solutions to various challenges that arise across the spectrum of HR services. Candidates with at least 5-6 years of HR experience with a sound working knowledge of HR principles and procedures, along with excellent organizational and planning skills, excellent interpersonal and communication skills are preferred for such HR jobs in Hong Kong. 

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