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Plan innovation and scalability in your eCommerce store using Magento. It allows total customization, flexibility and the software can be scaled as the business grows. A perfect choice of eCommerce website builder, Magento is an ideal platform for developing feature-rich eCommerce stores.

Why Opt Magento?

Magento facilitates easy management of your online businesses. You can launch and manage your online businesses with Magento; boost traffic to your sites, sales and customer engagement with Magento. New eCommerce features of Magento can be customized with plugins and extensions. Choose from its plenty of themes, customize the best designs that suit your brand using the advanced platform.

Explore the eCommerce Features

Secure Checkout: Magento enables easy check-out and safe payment processing. Easy check-out is facilitated by signing in to  account as a guest or existing user. Multiple payment gateways can be used as PayPal, Amazon Pay, Google Checkout, Authorize.Net.

Customer Service: Customers can get quick access to purchase history  and track orders. Users have the option to save products or even save their information for fast checkout.

Order Management: Manage your orders using the admin panel. You can easily handle transactions, shipping, invoice issuing from your location.Magento also manages returns and automates refunds easily.

Mobile Commerce Optimization: Magento optimizes your eCommerce store on mobile devices. The responsive design allows improved customer experience. Mobile ecommerce will be more than 72.9% of global retail ecommerce and thus, you should work on your mobile ecommerce optimization. Magento supports HTML 5 and the optimization process will not be a complex one.

Inventory Management: Manage your products easily. Product page customization is a top feature  of Magento that includes images and page zooming, opting to provide special prices and more storefront customization capabilities.

SEO Capabilities:Magento’s SEO tools and configuration shoots traffic to your online stores. Find metadata for products and categories, site maps for search engines such as Google.

Marketing: Magento  can help improve marketing within your eCommerce storefront. You can proceed with promotions such as sales invitation, special pricing, including free shipping and discount capabilities. It is easy to use the shopping cart and pages to manage both up-selling and cross-selling. You will be provided the option for product comparison, recently viewed products, social sharing in your Magento-built online store.

Multiple Online Stores: Yes, you have heard it right! You can build more than one online store using the Magento platform. The account facilitates quick and easy store management.

Performance Analytics: You can track your online store’s performance with Analytics. Plan traffic monitoring, generation of elaborate sales reports, shopping cart reports, purchased-product reports, inventory reports, coupon inclusions and more.

More Benefits

Magento platforms allow integration with third-party solutions and this provide better functionalities beyond the basic ones.In contrast to other eCommerce softwares, Magento can be installed on your ideal web-hosting provider and this will endow you with more control over your website. Other ecommerce softwares require you to host online stores on their servers.

Magento Themes and Extensions

Magento has both themes and advanced extensions that can boost the functionalities of your online stores. The platform is continually developed to render exceptional features to your online store. You can opt for a scaling number of plugins and extensions to customize your online store.

Find the Latest Version of Magento With Rich Functionalities

You can opt for the latest version of Magento and boost the functionalities of your online stores. It can be most useful for merchandising, payments, discounts and more. Magento has a lot of built-in features such as SEO-friendliness, flexibility, and plugin support. It is an agile platform for website customization. All versions of Magento facilitate advanced designing and development of fully-functional eCommerce stores.

Magento Open-source And Magento Commerce

Magento Open Source provides basic ecommerce capabilities to your online stores, however, if you require advanced features then,opting for Magento Commerce would be a better option. You can benefit from Cloud architecture, hosting and AI -enabled Analytics. You can progress your online store with the and mitigate risks with Magento Commerce. Reduce cart abandonment with quick, single click checkout.

Choose Custom Magento Development

Discover the prospects of custom Magento development as it will enhance the user experience and powerfully manage customer retention on your online store. Consider the significance of customizations and opt for Magento’s capabilities. The investment can bring you good, long-term results.

Switch from Magento 1 to Magento 2 for top reasons. Here are the top features of Magento 2.


Magento 2 allows tracking customer behaviour, shopping history and more. Improve the experience of customers.

Better SEO Capability

Magento 2 features allow both SEO and SMO optimization and draws customers to your site.


Magento 2 is user-friendly and with back-end tools it facilitates order management, automation of sales, shipping, inventory management and improves user experience at backend.

Smooth Checkout

Magento 2 can ease your checkout process, reduce cart abandonment. Statistics that have shown an increase in Magento 2 usage have proven its popularity and acceptance of the latest features of the advanced platform.

Improved Search

You can improve your search with features such as filtered search and faceted search endowed by this platform. Your customers will love the option!


Magento 2’s internationalization is among the best features of the platform. It allows global customers access your services.The platform supports international languages and currencies encouraging global clients to shop online in your store.

Mobile Optimization

Let the multitude of mobile users access your online store with the optimization feature offered by Magento 2.

High Compatibility

Magento 2 is both cross-platform and cross-browser compatible.

Open Source platforms

Developers can choose all variations of templates with appropriate extensions and modules. Magento 2 is futuristic from creating user-focussed online storefronts.

Migrate to Magento 2

Are you still stuck with Magento 1? You should plan a switch to Magento 2. Proceed with data migration, theme adoption, extensions integration. Get rid of all stress caused by the outdated features of the early version, security maintenance vexation and other issues.

Yes, it is time for a shift from the basic version to an advanced, high performance new version.

Go ahead, plan a good decision that will boost your ecommerce business greatly and provide your customers the best user experience ever! Realize the task of developing a full-fledged eCommerce store using the Magento platform.

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