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Almost every year, first-time homebuyers operate in the market and make some common mistakes that their family or friends have made when they have made their first purchase. But you can avoid mistakes with the tips and tricks mentioned here. Here are some common mistakes that first-time homebuyers generally make and what to do instead. 

 Calculating how much house you can afford 

Without knowing how much house you can manage, you are wasting your time and efforts. With no estimation, you could end up looking for houses that are out of your budget. Having a clear vision will make you focus on visiting homes that are below your optimum price level. The first-time homebuyers have the goal to buy a home and get a loan with convenient monthly payments that they can easily afford. Having a low aim is sometimes a good option. 

What mistake to avoid: Using a mortgage calculator will help you know what your affordable price range is, what a stretch is, and what is combative.

Getting a single quote 

Shopping for a mortgage is similar to shopping for any pricey item. It pays to correlate offers. Every lender has different mortgage interest rates and so are the fees like closing sets or discounts. Research has proven that almost half of the borrowers don’t shop for a loan.

What mistake to avoid: Try to apply with multiple mortgage lenders. A usual borrower could save some amount in interest just in the first year by comparing different lenders.

Do not check with credit reports and correct mistakes 

The mortgage lenders will analyze your credit reports whenever they make a decision of approving the loan and at what interest rate. In case your credit reports have errors in them, you may get quoted with higher interest rates, much more than you deserve. Thus, make sure that your credit report is factual. 

What mistake to avoid: You may request a free credit report every year from each of the three main credit agencies. You may brawl with any errors.

Making a small down payment 

You don’t have to make around 20% of the down payment when buying a home. Some of the loan programs allow you to buy a home with zero or 3.5% down. It can be a good idea, but homeowners can have regrets about that.

What mistake to avoid: You need to figure out how much to be saved. A bigger down payment lets you get a smaller mortgage and you will get more inexpensive monthly the Medallion Mohali sector 82 mohali payments. 

The drawback of taking the time to save money is that home prices and mortgage rates have been rising, which clearly means that buying a desired home will become more difficult and you may also miss out on building home impartiality as the value increases. Make sure that the down payment helps you secure the payment that you are comfortable to make every month.

Not looking at the programs for first-time homebuyers

Being a first-time homebuyer, you might don’t have a huge sum of money saved for the down payment and closing costs. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that you have to setback the homeownership while saving for a big down payment. There are various low-down-payment loan programs available offering down payment assistance and vying mortgage rates for first-time buyers.

What mistake to avoid: You can ask a mortgage lender for the first-time homebuyer options and search for the programs in your state. Maybe you get qualified for one of the available that does not require any down payment.

Shopping for house before a mortgage

What most commonly the first buyers do is that they visit the properties before searching out how much they are able to borrow. Further, they get disappointed when they find out that they were looking in the wrong price range or they have got the perfect home but are not able to make a serious offer.

What mistake to avoid: Consulting a mortgage professional about getting pre-qualified for a home loan before you start shopping for a place. The preapproval process includes the review of expenses and income, and it can make your proposal more competitive as you can now show the sellers about your backup offer.

Undervaluing the costs of homeownership 

When you buy a home, the monthly bills keep piling up. You may get a surprise if you are not ready for it. Renters also pay such bills, but a new home could have higher costs – the new bills like homeowner association fees and much more.

What mistake to avoid: Work with a Medallion real estate agent that will help you with the property of neighboring property taxes and insurance generally cost.

By Anurag Rathod

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