Calgary landscaping

If you are like me living in Alberta’s windy and snowy city, you would agree that Calgary landscaping requires considerable attention to the essential details about the area, atmosphere, and requirements. The success of a landscaping project is highly dependent upon a well-designed landscaping plan. Professional Calgary landscapers can help you in planning the perfect design and layout of your landscaping project. You are mistaken if you think that landscaping is just about going to a nursery and purchasing some plants randomly.  

Things to consider:

You must know the space limit, environmental factors, budget, specific requirements, and overall theme of your landscaping project. A landscape layout will help you to perfectly utilize your yard and add beauty without going rough on your pocket. Professional landscapers take the responsibility to take care of every little thing that is essential for the success and longevity of your landscaping projects. Following are critical tips to help you in planning the design and layout of residential landscaping in Calgary.   

Get familiar with your climate:

You must know about your regional climate. It will guide the proper selection of plants for your landscaping project. For example, Veronica Whitley, Jack Frost, and Giant Fleece flowers are often used for landscaping in Calgary. The amount of sunlight and full shade exposed area in your yard will decide the type of garden landscaping that works best for you. The microclimate is divided into four categories:

  • Full sun
  • Partial shade
  • Shade
  • Deep shade   


Consider your yard:

Think about the utilization of the outdoor space in your yard. Do you have children? Do you have pets? Do you want to utilize your yard for outdoor parties? All these factors will decide the overall landscaping design and layout for your home.

It would be best if you had different approaches for the front yard and back yard. Walkways, strategic planting, and water features work well for the front yard. Your backyard will be designed for recreational activities and requires less privacy. So, you can plan it accordingly.

Decide the theme:

A theme will make your landscaping project more unified and synchronous. It helps you to select the plantation and landscaping materials that work in mutual style harmony. Depending upon your needs and budget, the overall theme of Calgary landscaping can be simple or complex. 

Creating and Linking the space:

Consider the outdoor area as another room in your house. It should be planned strategically. Create spaces in your yards, and don’t forget to link them for a unanimous layout. 

Choose plants carefully:

The first thing to consider about the plantation in your landscaping project is the function they will serve. You can use them for creating a fence around your front door, or they can provide you with home-grown vegetables and fruits. Calgary landscapers also use plants to define the areas in your yard. Low-growing plants are suitable for open views, and tall trees can be used when you need more protection in your front yard.

Decide a budget:

You cannot start your landscaping project without specifying a budget for it. A successful landscaping design is the one that comes with minimum expenditure and maximum benefits. Landscapers in Calgary can significantly help you carefully decide a budget to fit all your needs and requirements. They will help you remove unnecessary things from the list and provide low-cost substitutes that can serve the purpose with equal efficacy. For example, there is no need to go for a giant waterfall when you are on a tight budget. You can use a rock pool as a prominent water feature in your front yard.

Create a map:

Draw a rough sketch of the complete area that will be used for landscaping in Calgary. Now identify the different sections of the entire landscaping project. Make a wishlist of all the items that you need to utilize in each area. Seek help from the professional landscapers in Calgary to take precise measurements. In this way, you will use your space more efficiently. A perfect landscaping layout is based on the pre-defined sections that you have created on the map.

Choose low-maintenance options:

Another essential thing to consider before deciding the layout and design of your landscaping project is the inclusion of low-maintenance options. You can choose rocks and stone works instead of plantation if you don’t want to spend time on cutting and watering. Complex landscaping layouts are hard to maintain. It is a subjective matter and totally depends upon your needs and resources. A professional landscaper can provide you brilliant landscaping ideas that can effectively cut the cost of expensive landscaping designs that require high maintenance.     

Landscaping in Calgary is highly dependent upon the overall landscaping design and layout. Mapping out the area used in the landscaping will help you to utilize the space efficiently. A professional front yard landscaper in Calgary can help you in creating a landscape design that is perfectly synchronous with the overall style of your house.

By Anurag Rathod

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