how to delete the Kik account

Kik is an exclusive platform that makes hanging with our peers and loved ones much easier just by registering yourself with the email address along with the phone number. Well, these details are a necessity. Did you all know that on average 40 percent of teens have registered themselves successfully with this application because of the fact that it looks like a better version of the AOL messaging platform?

The best part about it is that you can keep yourself hidden. By that I mean your privacy will not leak outside so you have a safe call this time. This application has all sorts of video applications and it mostly covers everything in general. It makes multitasking easier for one to chat and listen to music at the same time.

Now if you are not yet registered then you shall download and install it on your device right away. It is available on the play store and is an easy switch for android users. Whereas for people using mac it becomes troublesome and they might need special software to run side by side. Now after installing so you are good to go with these steps to register in the Kik account:

Steps to Register in Kik Account

1. Start by opening the application and then register yourself from the main page itself.

2. Now after filling in the details you a5re free to add your profile photo alongside.

3. Now you shall be asked if the application can access your contact list and it’s totally up to you if you wish so.

4. You are free to find and locate your friends via a search page just by mentioning their username.

5. Having done so, make sure you end the process by verifying it in the end. Keep in mind that you shall not be allowed to access the service without verifying your email further.

Chatting is made easy on Kik , have a look how :

1. Visit the home screen and hit on the contact you would want to chat with.

2. Enter the text and you are all good to go. Prior to that, adding emojis is also an option you would get on this portal. This is done so as to make the chatting process more lively and interactive at the same time.

You can also share videos and enjoy yourself with your peers and loved ones. Since we have this video sharing option which is readily available on Kik media. Just by tapping on the image or video button which is right above the message box, you can simply add multiple videos and send them to your group. This is also a fun chat with your peers in lockdown, this was an additional tip.

Many users have reported that they want an alternative for Kik media since they are not comfortable using this service in the long run. Now in order to delete the Kik account, you will have to take certain steps. Before you consider this just remember that you can delete the account both ways be it permanently or on a temporary basis. Now if you are looking for a permanent switch, then you can simply follow the protocols on “how to delete the Kik account”:

Way to Delete KiK Account

1. Start by visiting their official homepage- and fill the form.

2. You would receive a confirmation email with respect to your account deletion.

You must know that Kik services never inform the user about the account deletion. Whereas there are some ways by which you can always cross-check if the account is deleted or not. If by any chance the profile photo displays/number gets disconnected, then this shows the possibility of account deletion by the respective user.

On the other hand, if you wish to remove your account on a temporary basis then also you are supposed to fill the form and by visiting the link mentioned here””.

Having done so you are all set to carry on with the service up to your will. Well, Kik is a pretty good choice one could ever make. Rather than being a great messaging portal it also provides users with a lot of feasible options that one would never want to miss out on. It encourages healthy chatting keeping all the security norms in mind. Everything is kept safe while you are chatting on Kik and no spammers are going to invade your chats.

This is a great option for ones who love to interact with people. These days everyone chooses to interact over text rather than on call, so messaging on Kik can prove to be a great experience for all at the same time. If you doubt my words, I would like you to give them a try. For more related content visit Onlinegeeks .

By Anurag Rathod

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