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How To Make Money Selling Ringtones on iTunes

How To Make Money Selling Ringtones on iTunes

Thousands of people in the United States alone own cell phones, which has an impact on the number of potential customers for the ringtone industry. Whether you’re a band, rapper, or singer, there are numerous advantages of selling music as a ringtone through the internet. After you introduce your music to others, it increases the chances of earning money. Some websites will aid you in transferring and selling ringtones from the location’s server. It is fun to sell ringtones online and succeed as a businessperson.

Posting your ringtones and alert tones to the Apple Music Store can be a lucrative way to make money. Numerous skilled ringtone creators are squandering this opportunity since they don’t understand how to do it properly. The process to sell ringtones on iTunes ringtone store is rather simple.

The easiest way of selling ringtones on iTunes is through MusicDigi. You simply create your music, upload it on the MusicDigi website. MusicDigi sells songs on iTunes and all other major platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, etc. simply sign up to the website, create your music, set a price for your song, or tone select the store where you want to publish and start earning money and royalties through MusicDigi when your ringtone is bought or listened by people on various music platforms.

How to Sell Ringtones?

  • You’ll begin your online business with a variety of short clips that give customers a lot of options. If you want to make ringtones from someone else’s music, you should ask for marketing and licensing rights from the artist.
  • If you don’t have the rights, you may be forced to produce your music to sell ringtones. You may sell your ringtones to major music stores and streaming platforms like Apple Music, TikTok, and Spotify through online music aggregators.
  • After you’ve created your content collection, you can create your web store and start selling ringtones.
  • The utilization of an e-commerce platform, in the beginning, is the best way to launch a successful business. This integrates useful vendor tools with payment processing facilities, resulting in quick transfer delivery to buyers and giving more time to create new ringtones, publicizes business, and increase sales.

How to Sell Ringtones on iTunes?

iTunes is a worldwide popular online music store. As a beginner, it is best to upload music to iTunes to make it easy for fans to listen to it. TuneCore is the software that allows uploading music on iTunes and other digital music stores. 

The benefit of using iTunes is that the TuneCore account pays 100% of the money to the music distributor. TuneCore has been helping many independent music artists all over the world by uploading their songs online and paying them 100% of their revenue. 

  • Create a TuneCore account to upload music to iTunes.
  • Select the release type – (single/album).
  • Upload the music to iTunes, along with the cover art.
  • Music contributors can be added to be credited when the songs are played.
  • When TuneCore has approved the track, it will be available on iTunes.
  • View the sales and streaming reports.
  • Users can keep all of their earnings.

When you sell songs on iTunes, it not only helps in making money but also helps in getting started on the album-making process. Start a new job today with an amazing e-commerce platform and high-end ringtones.

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