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Writing down essays is an essential part of academics for every student. Be it middle school or high school, students are asked to write various essays throughout their academic life. It becomes a very hectic, time-consuming and challenging task for most students. But it is something that is mostly given to the students as a part of their homework assignment and also carries high value in the academic exams. Hence, writing an essay effectively is very important for succeeding the school and college with good grades. For that purpose, you must be knowing about the different types of essays. We have written down this article for you to provide you with clarity on that part. 

Types of Essays

When it comes to writing down the essays, you must first be familiar with their types. As then only you would be able to write them down. Coming to the types of it, there are majorly and mainly six types of essays which your professor can ask you to write about. The details about them have been given below:

  1. Descriptive Essay: This one is the easiest type of essay when it comes to writing an essay. In a descriptive essay, you need to describe a person, place or object. In this type of essay, you must give an accurate description of the topic or thing you are given. For example, you are asked to write about Goa on New Year’s Eve, and then you can provide detailed information about the parties and the activities which occur there or about the places to visit. If you want to write the best descriptive essay, write it to appeal to the readers’ emotions easily. 
  • Narrative Essay: It is a bit similar to the descriptive essay as here also you need to describe something but in the way of story narration. The story you select to tell can be of any kind, i.e., personal, fictional or real. It is a writing piece written from the mind of writers to propel the viewers or readers. It must be written in the first person’s format only. It seems quite easy to write a narrative essay, but they are the ones who need the most creative minds as it is a challenging task for the writers to narrate a story as strongly as possible.   
  • Expository Essay: As can be grasped by its name, this type of essay is written to expose a subject from the given topic or question. It provides such content which is properly analysed and hence informative. You cannot write any of your personal opinions on it. In fact, it must be based on true figures and facts. 

While writing down this type of essay, you must first gather all the information and facts to analyse and interpret them. After that, you can explain the topic in detail by taking the help of examples, statistics and facts and mentioning them in the essay. The expository essay is also further subdivided into various types such as to cause and effect essay, process essay, compare and contrast essay, etc. 

  • Argumentative Essay: It contains all the quantitative and qualitative examples and information that is well researched. In this, you need to convince the readers with your own viewpoint but with appropriate evidence. It is one of the most difficult essays to write as you need to convince the readers with your own view, and convincing people is not easy. You need to include various such information, examples and figures which can prove you write and make your readers believe in you. 
  • Analytical Essay: It is written by analysing the literary text in the topic or question. An analytical essay is written to enhance the readers’ understanding of a certain topic with the help of appropriate evidence. 
  • Persuasive Essay: While writing this kind of essay, you need to persuade your viewers for accepting a particular viewpoint. It convinces the viewers of a specific idea or action. You must include some logic and reasons for approving an idea or other. It should also contain reasons and evidence in support of your answers. 

These were the main types of essays, and if you need any kind of assistance while writing them, you can take help from essay typers

By Anurag Rathod

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