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Nowadays Android apps have become more dominating compared to others. It has become more trending these days. Android is a mobile operating system software mainly made and designed for touch screen mobiles such as smartphones and tablets. Android is also said to be free and open-source software for every user.

By the source of Android apps, Android app development companies can create varieties of things such as digital camera, game consoles, media player, PCs, and many other things with the help of a particular user interface; moreover, Android apps are sponsored by Google and Android software is licensed from the Apache license.

Now Android software is also installed on Android television, known as smart TVs. Android software uses the APK format and provides to application stores like the Google play store Huawei app gallery, Samsung galaxy store, GetJar, cafe Bazar, or another open-source platform like Aptoide and f-droid.

With the help of Android software, your Android app development company can create many different types of applications for the user such as contact-based, email services, mobile games with high graphics, GPS and location services, calendar, factory automation, ticket booking like this. There are a plethora of apps that should be created and upgraded. Here we are providing 7 different ways to make the best Android app for more profound knowledge.

  1. Get your idea on paper
  2. Choose your technology
  3. Choose the best option to develop your app
  4. Create an app with an app builder
  5. Test your app
  6. Publish your app on the stores
  7. Keep improving continuously and update your app

Get your idea on paper.

Firstly to develop an app, the first thing is to think about every user’s needs nowadays from the application, and then you should prepare a plan for what you are going to do to create and fulfill all the things in that app. Secondly, make your target of the user how you can achieve the target by creating the design of the app then which function and features will help you to keep your clients busy and satisfied after doing these main things you should keep in your mind is to check out the reviews of the user so that you can develop the app accordingly and successful.

Choose your technology

There are two types of technologies Native apps (NA) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA). So make sure with your Android app development company to choose the technology to use for your app development. Here are more details about both the technologies.

Native apps

Native technology has always been at the forefront of mobile app development, mainly for Android and iOS. The main thing about this native app is that it gives more legit offers and high-performance products that can access many APIs and features on tablets and smartphones.

Progressive web app

 PWA is a complete mixture of web and native app technology. PWA doesn’t require download and adapt to tables, mobile, and desktop.

Choose the best options to develop your app.

As of now, you have chosen your technology; now it is time to choose how you will create your app. The first and foremost thing is you need ample time and skills to build an app. Using a Native app platform to create your app requires specific knowledge of multi programming languages.

Then you should hire an agency or freelance developer because both development agency and freelance are on top, and it should help to create your app quickly. The last thing is that you should use an app builder. This app builder is a tool that permits the creation of an app without any coding.

Create an app using an app builder

By using an app builder, you can also create a Native app and Progressive Web App; moreover, the design of your app can also be created. Firstly you need to think about your app color theme, navigation mode, header, logo, or icon form, which your app will be displayed to the user and the app stores.

When you start to select the app’s design, it should always look like some existing brand logo, not the same as a brand but similar to that like color fonts and other things so that your client can get attracted by the design of your can register for the app.

Test your app

After creating all the concept, design, and technology of your app, you have reached near to the release of your app, but before releasing your app to the user, your android app development company has to pass through a test of your app. Firstly, the version of the app should be the latest to upload on the iOS platform or Android platform.

You should be sure about the beta tester then the overall speed of the app, no crashing issue when an app is running, connectivity of the performance, all functions give a quick response to the app, design can be adequately visual on the screen, navigation and GPS should work description correctly, and the review of the app should be appropriately seen from all this test you should pass successfully to publish your app.

Publish your app on the stores

Publish the app on Google play store or Apple iOS store is the big step for your app because to publish your app on Apple store seems to be more complexed and difficult however Apple store developer has a high standard, and their guidelines are also complicated, so Apple store is said to be as the safest among all.

Talking about publishing on Google play store, it is easy to publish on the play store, but there are some guidelines to upload your app on the play store; such information is mandatory, such as description short and full both, graphic assets, contact details, privacy policy.

Keep improving continuously and update your app.

It would be best if you kept checking the feedback column of your app with the use of the feedback column, analytic tools, and play store. Another important thing is your Android app development company should publish new functions and features daily of your app instead of upgrading your app; this launching of new features will give a good effect on the user by using your app;

moreover, you can update your app in the app store or play store as many times you want to do, but if the update is more significant then you have to launch the new version of your app. So to make the best and successful app, you must take care of all these aspects.


As we all know, the demand for Android apps is increasing gradually, and because of that, the development of Android apps is also increasing.

So here in this blog, I have mentioned some unique ways to help you develop the best Android app that is unique. I hope that you will get all the information you want to develop an app.

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