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Why mobile app testing is essential for perfect customer experience

Why mobile app testing is essential for perfect customer experience

Customers struggling with a poor user interface (UI), slow app, and security vulnerabilities is a complete no no. Bad customer experience will drive your valuable customers towards competitors and could also affect your prized brand image. New-age customers do not mind paying a premium for better services and a flawless customer experience.

It has become crucial to ensure mobile app testing from the beginning of the application development process. Robust Mobile app testing can help you to identify and fix crucial bugs right in the beginning and decrease the development cost significantly.

What is mobile app testing?

Mobile app testing is all about writing scripts and running multiple tests for mobile applications to ensure its functionality and usability are in line with both the user and business requirements.

It includes a few testing types including:

  • Performance testing
  • Load testing
  • Functional testing
  • Security testing

However, there are also some specific testings for smartphones including memory leakage location, certification, interruptions, installations, and more. Mobile app testing is relatively a more complex testing process where test engineers are needed to test tens of screen resolutions, several connections, and versions of Android and iOS among others.

Why do you need mobile app testing?

You need a reliable, secure, and performance oriented app to win the trust of your customers and increase the download count. This is why, apart from planning and a good idea, you need to test the app’s functionality and features for robust quality assurance.

Load Performance Testing

An instant spike in traffic can crash your app before you figure out what has happened. As a result, your app may suffer with failed transactions, unresponsive links, and slow load speed that will ruin the customer experience to no return.

For a performance-oriented app, it is essential to ensure load and performance testing is done thoroughly. It can help you figure out the influx of peak load that your application can handle efficiently without breaking down. If the performance of the app is affected under severe load, then you can increase the server capacity in advance.

Unit Tests

Unit tests are essential for an app to achieve seamless design and reliable performance under multiple conditions. It is executed at the beginning of the process when developers are still writing the initial code for the application. It helps in creating a user-friendly design and ensures that test engineers understand all the critical technicalities responsible for the performance of the code.

It also helps in identifying different gaps in the app code and enables you to fix them easily at the start of the app development.

Functional User Interaction Tests

Advanced mobile apps are now equipped with complex touch gestures and functions. It is crucial to ensure that each and every touch gesture including the zoom, swipe, drag and drop, press, and rotate functions among others are working perfectly. This can help in gauging the functional efficiency of the application.

You can leverage emulators or even real devices to conduct tests. Simulators come handy in the early development stage of the mobile application. However, it is recommended to test on actual mobile devices before the final launch. You need to use both approaches judiciously to achieve desired results cost-efficiently.

Better UI/UX

End-to-end testing of an app enables test engineers to act like an end-user and analyze the application experience critically. It is essential to find out how intuitive and convenient the app is along with the core logic behind the idea of an app. For desired results, it is advisable to run UX and UI tests without any hesitation throughout the development cycle of the mobile application.

eCommerce App Testing

eCommerce applications are loaded with hundreds of features and functionalities. But with increased competition, business owners are finding it difficult to retain customers and onboard new ones. You can plug this trend by releasing an app with a simple and powerful customer experience.

Your eCommerce application should be capable of delivering an intuitive user interface. On top of that, you should also ensure that it is compliant with PCI-DSS guidelines to win the confidence of customers doing online transactions on your platform. Also, ensure thorough testing of product catalogs, shopping cart functionality, and faster checkout time.

Deploy dedicated resources for the testing of your eCommerce app to test all features, business-critical points, and release a flawless app.

Accessibility Testing

Accessibility is now not just limited to WCAG 2.1 compliance. It has become an effective way to reach the massive market of differently abled users. With over 15 percent of the population suffering with different disabilities, the possibilities are immense. Accessibility testing can assist you in making a truly accessible app for differently-abled users. It will also help in enhancing the app’s functionality.

Leverage User Feedback

Considering the user feedback is a good strategy to plan out an effective and efficient future for a mobile app. It will help you think like your customers and develop an app that is developed with the sole focus on the customer.

You can also take the help of in-app surveys to collect clear data points for prioritizing the app work and focus more on specific features.

In today’s connected time, customers now expect businesses to become interactive by asking suggestions and engaging them in creating a customer-friendly organization. The more feedback you will get from the user, the more customer-centric, and user-friendly your mobile application will come out.

In Summary

Mobile apps have become one of the most important things for every smartphone user to execute different types of tasks. It is now also one of the most effective ways to connect with potential customers and conduct business activities in new markets at global levels. Hence, it has become business critical to deliver flawless customer experience by leveraging robust mobile app testing.

Organizations need to leverage experience independent QA vendors who can help with end-to-end mobile app testing at levels. Thorough testing will only make your app reliable, user-friendly, scalable, and future-proof to meet new market challenges.

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