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7 Myths about Android App Development

7 Myths about Android App Development

You can find more than just a million apps while inside the Android community. There’s just a digital Android app development network that is getting through downloads and helping users have various tasks. But Android app improvement isn’t something that everyone can perform. It takes a good knowledge of Java, setup of Android-specific applications, PC software development kit, an integrated development environment such as android-studio, and a virtual device to test your app. Also, you require considerable time and perseverance. And all these are merely requirements. After the setup of most of these applications, you need API levels, screen size, etc. It’s a long way process to go from concept to delivery of your app.

Android apps are changing our lifestyles.

We are employing Android apps in almost all activities that we participate in daily to day life. Learning, reading, shopping, commuting, playing, recollecting things, collecting advice, writing, and the list continues. In reality, you will find very few facets of life that are not facilitated by apps in a certain way or the other. The city of Android app developers is changing the way we live. You name a field, and there are many apps involved in it, be it health, education, services, sports, or whatever else.

The Myth about Android App Development

1) A Terrific app that doesn’t need advertising:

Every newbie developer thinks that it will sell by itself if they can come up with a terrific app; it doesn’t require marketing. However, this is nowhere near the truth. Suppose the app is right for a targeted segment or community. In that case, there’s a possibility that it will get downloads organically, i.e., without setting up advertisements, as soon as you put it up in the app store, share it in social media and some skilled or other niche platforms. But if the targeted viewer is quite large, you then want ads to promote the app.

2) Download begins, and the cash starts to stream:

If you are under the belief, your product will make you a millionaire only using downloads, then reconsider. It isn’t so simple. Thousands of people can download an app, but it starts paying the developer only when the consumer starts paying money for using the app. It’s not anybody’s guess that the road from development to clients paying to make use of a app is extended.

3) B2C market has a greater return for Android apps in comparison with B2B:

B2B market is nothing but a method that aims for other organizations with an advantage to be ordered and scalable. It is a frequent perception driven by the notion that B2-C is an extensive market. However, it is due to this massive market that the contest is also extreme. B2C apps are relatively less expensive than B2B apps. However, the ROI of all B2B apps is higher in contrast to B2-C apps.

It is also found that B2B apps have sizable, loyal client retention compared to the B2C marketplace. So if you’re already in the own way to develop a more B2C plan, the chances are it’s on the drama store.

4) App growth is pricey:

Yes, it’s true. However, just once you are using a developer or outsourcing the project into a app improvement company. This is why the high cost is in paying for the developer because of his expertise and knowledge. Therefore, in the event you are doing it is perhaps not in any respect costly.

Second, unless the job is complex and demands complicated demands, the undertaking could expect one to devote a little extra because many developers ask for a partial payment per month before development finishes. Consequently, the significance of this Price Is expedited towards employing the expertise of an agency.

5) Android apps don’t help developers make money:

This myth has come about chiefly because of the maze of apps within the Android community. Sometimes you will find four or five or more apps for the very same job. In reality, android is ideal for developers for generating revenue compared to other portable OS. That is because of the sheer number of Android users worldwide. More than 50 percent of smart-phones throughout the world are android phones. But is also true that it is the android users who get probably the most reservations about spending money on an app. In that perspective, the developers are right. But, it is likewise true that a virtual community is continuing by this portable OS.

6) Google is all that we want:

Neither Google nor some other social media may enable you to the app very best for no real reason. People considering Google as their medium to your competition should discontinue their expectations at this time. But that does not mean that you can’t get your app to the very top. It’s not a lot to attain your desired ROI.

7) Indigenous is the need of the hour:

Every app in the Play Store list, be it hybrid, native or web, possess their advantages and disadvantages. Though native apps are known for giving us the very best UI adventure, they will not always. It’s all about an individual’s requirements. Nowadays, many cross-platform apps such as Sencha and code name provide precisely the very same experience being a native app will.

A Skill based game development company offers skill based games such as Rummy, Ludo, carrom, and much more.

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