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Reviewing the Top Bible Apps of all times

Reviewing the Top Bible Apps of all times

Science has now made following religion easier than ever before. Today’s time is one that is ripe with knowledge and access to people. The holy bible doesn’t have to be difficult to access. With the help of many modern day mobile applications, anyone can read the Bible at any time on their smartphones. The beauty of Bible apps is that it isn’t just a book so you won’t find an only text. The objective of any bible app is to convince the reader what it is saying is the truth. It aims at showing the right path, helping people understand righteousness and follow the direction laid by God.

To do this, they don’t have to rely on only words. Smartphones provide an interactive way for people to communicate the true teachings of the bible.

Here is a list of the top favorite Bible apps and our 2 cents on it.

bible apps


Audible is a well-liked audio book application. Its MVP is that the book is read in a human voice. It sounds like someone is speaking to you about what the bible has to say. What’s more, there are different versions of the bible that you can choose from. Since it is available on your smartphones, you can use it just about anywhere! So no matter whether you are at work and feeling down or if you are in a courtroom facing charges, whenever you feel the need of the app, it will be right there for you reading verses to give you strength.

Bible app for kids

The Bible App for Kids is precisely what the name suggests. It has been created especially so that the app can act as an interactive platform for kids to learn the teachings of the bible.  The way in which this app unfolds is like an interactive adventure. The kids can take this journey and understand each and every teaching of the app. The app is loaded with cartoons, puzzles, challenges and more to keep the kids interested. This app is completely free of cost!

Bible by Life Church

The Bible app by Life Church is almost certainly the best amongst all Bible apps. It is completely loaded with a number of features. The best thing about this app is that it is not dependent on the internet all the time. So, it allows people to do a lot of offline reading.

There are almost 1400 versions available in the app and that too in many languages. On the whole, no matter which part of the world you belong to, if you want to read the bible and any version of it, then this is the app for you.

Bible Trivia Quiz Free

Bible Trivia Quiz is a straightforward and uncomplicated quiz game. Like the name suggests, the questions asked in the Bible app are all based on the Bible. It is a simple and interactive way in which people can learn about different aspects of the bible. The modules can be set to different lengths of question sets. If you answer any question wrong, the app shows the correct answer along with the verse it refers to. On the whole, this is a simple yet effective app to increase your knowledge.

These are, according to us some of the most favorite apps that bring their users closer to their religion. We all need a little faith to help us get over our worst fears. With an effective bible app in our pocket, the world is a much better place to live in!

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