best cables for gaming and streaming

The type of cable you use can have an impact. Therefore, before employing the cable for your users, you might need to know which one is best, considering your use and need. Nevertheless, the Ethernet cables have gained crest popularity over the years. Ethernet cables have multiple benefits including security, stability, and connectivity, and have been in almost every workplace, home, and even school. After the widespread usage, the users need to know each type of Ethernet cable and which one accords with their need.

The most common types of Ethernet cables are:

  • Cat 5
  • Cat5e
  • Cat 6
  • Cat 6a
  • Cat 7
  • Cat 7a

Cat 5

This one is outdated and extremely difficult to get at. Years back, when 100Mbps Internet speed was used, these were highly recommended and sufficient for connections. However, ever since the Internet speeds became faster, these cables were not quite ideal, hence the need to be increased for much more efficient cables.

Cat 5e

This one is similar to cable 5 but an improved version of it. This one is current standard cable and is normally employed at offices etc. These cables support internet gigs. They support 1000 Mbps. Other than being this supportive, they also reduce crossover and unwanted transfer of signals.

This cable is one of the most used and liked since it serves for the needs up to 1 Gbps and costs less than the 6 and 7 wire cable.

Cat 6

This supports higher speeds and helps with multiple downloads and uploads, but these wires are a little too pricey. However, they are perfect for those having an online business or careers that involve multiple uploading of files, data, and other types of information. It also gives you even more speedy and stable connections without any hindrance or security issues.

Furthermore, they also have a thin protective layer enclosing the wires, ultimately reducing the undesirable transfer of signals and crossovers. This makes it favorable enough for constantly uncomfortable users to disturb their work by randomly transferring their signals.

As we move forward with our list, the bandwidth keeps on increasing, the price likewise. The cable 7a is the most expensive and is, therefore, the most stable with the widest bandwidth. Apart from that, these wires are highly suggested if work is online or requires a constant internet connection. For our gamers and YouTubers, these are the best cables for gaming and streaming.

Tips to keep in mind before choosing an Ethernet cable:

  • Length: The length of these cables range from 3feet to 300 feet and more. Not only does this gives you a wide allowance, but you can’t locate your router anywhere in the room and have access. You can choose the length most favorable to you.
  • Copper cables: Ethernet cable manufactory produces two types of cables: copper wires on the inside and aluminum ones. Even though the aluminum ones are a little cheaper, you might want to go for copper wires since they give you a better connection and speed.
  • Suggestions: Sometimes, your internet installer might also suggest the most appropriate cable for your use. If you are a little confused regarding which option to choose from, you can always go for their recommendations.

By Anurag Rathod

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