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How are your nails currently? Have you thought about whether you have strong and beautiful nails? Many individuals overlook their nails unless there is damage, or they are remarkably long in length. Few folks are passionate with making sure their nails are perfect in shape and healthy all the time. The salons and spas provide their clients who consider nail pampering as a regular maintenance activity, like getting their hair dyed twice in a month or so.

Usually your nail bed is in good physical shape if it is a little pink in color and your nail tips are white in color – not translucent.  So if you feel your nail color is yellowish and also the shape of your nail is not in the perfect form then you should consider to visit your nearest nail salon.  Here we are going to provide you much information that how you keep your nail healthy and beautiful.

How to keep nail healthy and beautiful?

Several individuals who visit nail salons and spas regularly love to have a flawless set of beautiful nails in appearance. If you visit a very busy salon that is looking a bit rushed, you may find that your nail technician did not put a base coat on your nail or something is going to miss in the treatment. Having a base layer actually guards the nail. You only realize this later when you want to remove the residual bit of nail polish from your nails and find that below there is a yellowish tone. 

Manyfolks first attempt is to conceal this with extra polish and that is the erroneouspart to do! Your nail requires water, oxygin, etc. It needs to get renew and strong. It cannot be achieved with more nail polish coats. Keep the nail bed fresh and apply a little oil into the cuticles. It doesn’t need to be special oil – use some almond or olive oil from your kitchen and gently message it into your cuticles. This will be good for your nail bed and protect from drying. Let your nails breathe and in about couple of days – your nails should be as healthy as they were.

Healthy Diet for Healthy Nails

We already discussed using nail polish without base coat. That is the main problem with having oxygen starved, yellowish, and weak nails. One moreconcern is your diet. Yes! What you consume is important for the strength of your nails and hair. Numerousindividuals on incomplete calorie diets are preventing their fats too. All the body fat! Unfortunately your nails and hair need fatty acids to keep them strong and healthy. Many programs like Weight loss encourage their customers to also take an OTCVitamin and minerals to avoid any deficiency during the weight loss program. They also recommend some essential fatty acids during the program which are useful for the health of your nails and skins.

Vegetables and Fruits play a vital role in the health of your hair, skin and nails. Are you eating a lot of burgers with a soda? A poor nutrition will causeweak hair and nails, acne, your hair will fall out earlier than usual and your skin in general will have a dark shade, and patchy.  So a balanced diet consist of Fresh fruits and vegetables is necessary for beautiful and healthy hair and nails.

Healthy Toe Nail Bed

Our feet can be ignored yet we use them on a daily basis. Each time you put your foot down on earth, about four times your body weight is bearing down on your foot. Wow! My poor little feet! Many contaminants naturally fall to the skin area of your feet too. How do you protect your nails with in such conditions? Just like your nails, applying any almond or olive oil on the nail bed really helps them from being dried out. Keeping them free of ingrown toe nails with regular, or jelly pedicure is an ideal way too to protect your toe nail healthy and beautiful.

There are a lot ofqualified spas and salons for pedicures. Find one in your town that is strict on their sanitation and performed manicure or pedicure in a professional way. When the technician remove your polish and you feel any sign of yellowish, or bad coloring please avoid of using polish and let your nails breathe for a couple of days to make them healthy and strong again! You will be happy to see a happy nail bed again.  

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.