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As we all know that as time pass, social media changes. And that’s what happened to Pinterest. Today I would like to talk about how you can gain more followers following new methods. How it changed and what you can do. Let’s check How to increase your followers on Pinterest in 2022.

There are a lot of ways you can use it. But, these are what I learned. Also, I’ve seen a lot of people using them as well. So, I’m not alone using it. However, it depends on what your niche is on there. Because some niches do better than others.

How to increase your followers on Pinterest in 2022

If you have been using Pinterest for a while. You will understand the new changes. And how it was before this update. Because it was much easier to gain new followers and grow on Pinterest. Later, things changed and now people follow new methods, including these.

When you determine your niche. You will understand more of what you want to do. Because it comes also to the type of content you share on Pinterest. Therefore, if you want to increase followers, make sure you pin content that is popular on it.

Sometimes you would need more than this. However, some of these are a major key to increasing your followers. It will help with how to increase your followers on Pinterest in 2022. Although it might take time, this is important.

I mentioned in the title the latest year. And that is because it’s something people use currently this year. And it helps a lot to increase getting more followers. You just need to be patient when doing these because sometimes it may take time.

There are common things, such as regularly pinning. And that’s one of the things you do to help you get more followers. However, I’m not going to mention that on the list. Because we all know that, I want to focus on other things in this post.

1. Focus variety of things on Pinterest

I wouldn’t be specific because now that Pinterest focuses on different things. And I will explain what I meant by that. It’s the new update and they want people to start doing it. So, instead of just pinning. You will need to do other things.

Before, we used to only pin and get a lot of traffic and engagement. Now, you will need to do a variety of things. Such as sharing a Pin story and other things. Even though it might not help with linking to your blog or any link. It will be a good way to get new followers and viewers.

You will need to put more effort into it. And that’s one reason why a lot of people left Pinterest. And decided to focus on other social media. However, if you keep going and work hard on it. It will be so much worth it and you will get a lot of traffic.

Pinning and other things you can do on Pinterest. It will be a new way of getting new followers and traffic. But you only can link to something on a normal pin. Pin stories are only made for people to read and learn on the platform.

Don’t worry about the effort and time. As long as you are enjoying it. It will be worth it in the future. When you are getting a lot of traffic and followers.

2. Share your profile on Facebook groups

Another great way is that you can use Facebook groups to get more followers and engagement as well. And this is something I do for my account as well. And it helps me to get new followers. Even though it might not be a lot.

You can post to the Facebook groups. However, you will find groups that have social media threads. People help each other. That would be a great way to get more followers or even repins. This might not be quick, but it’s a great way how to increase your followers on Pinterest in 2022.

Over time, you will end up with a lot of followers. And from there, you can keep working on it. That will help you to get more and more. Just don’t give up or forget to join the social media threads. Because it doesn’t have a lot.

I don’t know about other social media. But if you know a group on another platform. It would be great to use in any way possible.

3. Ask your reader to follow you at the end of posts

Well, if you have a blog, it would be awesome to include your profile link at the end of the posts. I’m sure a lot of your readers have Pinterest. And that would be another way to get your latest blog posts. You will need to tell them a reason to follow you.

Some people would think it’s annoying. But, I don’t think it is. I’ve seen some people add their social media t the end of their blog posts. Although you have it on the sidebar. It can be also done from your post as well.

4. Add your Pinterest to your business card

If you have a business card. It’s a great way to spread the word about your Pinterest account. I’m sure you will meet a lot of people who enjoy using Pinterest. Therefore, this could be a great way. Make sure to give your business to as many as possible.

Well, if you don’t have a business card. You can use other ways on this list. Because it’s not important. But another way you can use when it’s available. Just like you add your channel or blog link on your business card. Adding your Pinterest link will help as well.

5. Collab with other Pinterest pinner

Last but not least is doing a collab with other pinners. This is one of the best ways you can do to gain followers. However, you need to find people who are actively pinning on Pinterest. This way, you will get good results from this collab. 

By Anurag Rathod

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