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Top 10 SEO Strategies to Follow In 2022

Top 10 SEO Strategies to Follow In 2022

If you have ever been in a conversation about digital marketing, you must be familiar with the term SEO. SEO means Search Engine Optimisation. Simply put, Search Engine Optimisation helps increase the visibility of your website.

When a prospective customer searches for any product or service on Google, the search engine starts working to find the keywords related to the topic written on the search bar. Many search results will appear but the websites appearing on the first page gets the maximum traffic. Therefore, your website needs to be on the first page of the Google search result. 

 SEO has a vital role to play in the ranking of any website. Take help from local SEO services to improve your search engine ranking as early as possible.  

Here are the ten best local SEO practices you need to follow in 2022:- 

Add Your Keywords Rightly In Your Content: 

The location of your keywords matters a lot. Google analyses and understands users’ search intent by the keyword and provides search results accordingly. For example, if you search for ‘how to make sponge cakes,’ google will show results of websites showing sponge cake recipes. But, if you ask Google ‘Buy sponge cakes,’ it will show you results from various e-commerce sites selling sponge cakes.   

Four types of search intent are: 

  • Transactional– keywords that include words like ‘Buy’ show transactional intent. Here, the person searching for any product has made a decision to buy. 
  • Commercial – here, the main keywords include words like ‘top ten,’ ‘5 best’ or ‘top selling’ etc. Here the searcher is looking for options. 
  •  Informational– Here, the Google user is looking for details. Like, if someone is searching for ‘A Dubai SEO company, he will find a list of SEO companies in the place. 
  • Navigational- Here the searcher knows what he is looking for. He specifically searches for a website or application. 

In four of the above cases, Google will recognise the keywords in your page and match them with the searched topics. Google gives priority to the words that appear on the top of your web page. Therefore, placing the keywords rightly on your web page is crucial.  

Write Attractive Titles And Original Content On Your Webpage: 

Blogs, articles or any other content on your web page should be hundred per cent original. Posting copied content will be a big mistake. Your web page content should be related to the product or service you are selling.  

Keep the below-mentioned points in mind: 

  • The title should be attractive and clear. 
  • Your content should be informative and cohesive. 
  • Add your product description correctly. 

If you are finding it challenging to create unique content for your website, contact SEO services in Dubai to help you out.  

Optimise Your Web Page Loading Time:  

If your website takes too much time to load, most of the traffic will go back without wasting their time. People on the internet are pretty busy with many other things, and there are lots of other options available for them as well. So, why would they waste their time on your website?  

  • Check your page loading speed using free tools available on the internet. 
  • Fix all the issues on your website. 
  • Delete unnecessary plugins on your site. 
  • Cut down the number of redirects. 

You should try and make the user interface fast and easily accessible. For that, you can take help from a Dubai SEO company.  

Provide Better User Experience To The Viewers: 

Google analyses how much time users spend on your site. That increases your website’s credibility and helps improve the website’s rank on google search results. For a great user experience, you must provide engaging content on your web page.  

  • Long paragraphs are visually tiring to read. Instead, use subheads. 
  •  Use images, colours and videos to make your content appealing. 
  • Use white space in between paragraphs. It is soothing to the viewers’ eyes.

Optimise Your URLs For Search Engines: 

Yes, Google and other search engines are designed with an algorithm that understands the URL. A good URL structure helps the user and the search engines understand the destination website better. 

  • Use precise URLs. 
  • URLs must have keywords. 
  • Remove any unwanted stop words. 

A good SEO practice includes it all. Contact any SEO services in Dubai to optimise your URLs. Their expert team will help you out with the task.  

Use Keyword In Your Title Tag: 

Your title tag is what results of Google appear on the search. So put your main keyword on your title tag. The search engine attentively checks the terms you are using on your title tag. 

  • Do not stuff keywords in the title tag. 
  • Your title tag should be compelling. 
  • Make the title tag short and clear for the users. 

Try to write a title tag for your web page that invites people to click on it. How interesting and compelling the title you use makes the difference. Check out your competitors’ website and how it has used the keyword in their title tag. Your local SEO services can suggest to you some interesting title tags for your web page. 

Optimise The Images Used On Your Website: 

While using images for your web page content, do not forget to optimise them for SEO. Images can improve your website rank. Optimising images is really easy; you can do it on your own. 

  • Name the images with descriptive file names. 
  • Use Image Alt Text just like your file name. 
  • Compress the images. 
  • Use high-quality images.  

It takes little time to write alt text, but it is worth the effort.  

Use Internal Links And Anchor Texts: 

Using internal links, you can redirect the user to another page of your website. This is the most commonly used SEO practice. 

  • Use anchor texts that are keyword rich. 
  • Link old pages to new pages. 
  • Do not use unnecessary internal links. 

Internal links render authority to the pages it is directed to; it helps successfully improve Google’s ranking. If you find it difficult, hire local SEO Dubai to provide you with the much-needed expertise. 

Publish Gripping Content In The Form Of Blogs And Articles: 

Publishing content that users find griping is key to ranking higher on the search engine result. Your content must be informative, interesting and easy to read. Content marketing is a tried and tested practice. 

  • Publish regularly without fail. 
  • Promote the post on social media and other platforms. 
  • Reply to the comments. 
  • Add charts and graphs if required. 
  • Use keywords wisely. 

A good post brings lots of traffic to the website. In addition to that, it helps promote your product or services. Yes, it a time consuming to do research and write long articles. For that, you can ask any local SEO Dubai to help you with this. 

Choose The Right Keywords In Your Content:  

You need to understand your target consumers. Use the right keywords that they would use while searching for a product or service. Once you decode the right keywords, use them wisely in your content. 

  • Do not stuff your content with keywords. 
  • Use them in a meaningful way. 
  • Use different keywords. 

All the above practices are useful in achieving a higher ranking in the google search results. However, it would be best if you were consistent with it. So, start your optimisation journey without any delay.

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