Shower Bath Panel

The Shower Bath Panel or bathtub claddings are an important part of every bath installation. Without it, the bathroom will look unorganized. Perhaps, it is not possible to make it aesthetically pleasing or clutter-free without them. So, whenever you buy a new bath, it will require you to have a panel or covering with it. It is a kind of accessory that goes with it unless you have a completely different sort freestanding bathtub that is designed for a luxurious look.  That ‘s why there are only a few exceptions where you may not need them.

It is no secret that the whole empathize of bathroom fittings and fixtures has now shifted towards aesthetics. Any fixture that plays an important role in looks is has high importance. Like Bathtubs, the panels are also available in various sizes, shapes, and colours.

Here in this article, we provide all the information that you may need about it.

Why You Need a Shower Bath Panel?

When you install a new bathtub, the sides other than which are covered by the wall will require something to cover it. The empty space underneath with few pipes visible can be enough trash your efforts to create the desired look. So, to cover this up we have, bathtub panels that not only cover the empty space sides of the bath but also create the desired look.

What Types of Bathtubs Need Shower Bath Panel?

Almost all types of tubs need bath panels. Whether straight bathtubs or shower baths except free standing, you will need to install these panels for their high functionality designs and aesthetics. Generally, straight baths have the cheapest paneling costs. While shower bath will cost a bit more due to their unusual design like L shape. While free-standing baths are an independent unit that will need no coverings around.

Choosing a Perfect Shower Bath Panel

Bathtub panels are available in various colours, designs, and materials. But how you should choose between these options. We have discussed it here.

What bathtub sides You will need to cover?

Before you decide to buy, the first thing to consider is what sides you will need to cover. Generally, these will be the sides that are not covered on the sidewall. For this purpose, you will also need to take measurements. You should get a measuring tape and take the measurements of the empty sides in inches or centimeters. The size is important because it will be required to place an order for it. If the size is incorrect, it will not fit in its place.

What Colour of Panel You Need.

The shower bath panels are available in different colours. These colours may include but are not limited to grey, white, natural oak, beechwood, and wooden, etc. Different manufactures may offer different colour and finish options. The choice of coloure should be based on the overall theme of the bathroom. Generally white is compatible with almost all types of décors.

What Material should you prefer?

The panels for bathtubs are available in different materials. Your choice of material will not only affect the overall costs but also make difference in the way it fits and looks. Generally, the most common type is an acrylic bath. That is economical, lightweight, and durable at the same time. Some people also prefer wood panels. That is suitable for creating a luxurious look.

Buy Shower Bath Panel from Royal Bathrooms UK

In this article, we had a detailed discussion about Bath Shower Panel. It is an important element of bathtub installation. You will need to consider various factors like sides that need cladding, color, and material, etc. If you are planning for a bathroom makeover then bathtub replacement is a top priority, then check out our website. You can find an extensive range of bathroom fittings and fixtures available at lower prices.

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