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The purpose of digital market is not only to sell a product but also to retain customers while attracting new ones. For this, you need to audit your website using digital marketing. Agrtech offers information to help you can learn about some trending tools for this. 

By doing so you can make improvements in your business. It will help you in considering what needs attention and have the potential to support long term goals, and what aspects will not perform well even if you put more resources into it. It also indicates that where you ought to make up modifications to the campaign. It also facilitates you in directing where precisely you have a problem. 

Pre-requisites of Auditing

Before you go for an audit you need to know what your target is going to be. What is your aim and how is it not met with the current digital marketing? Then you need to determine the milestone you need to achieve via audit. If you are not sure about your milestones, there is no need to do an audit, because you never know where specifically your digital marketing lacks. Similarly, all your actions must be in place. Try using KISS (Keep it Stupid Simple) strategy for strategic goals. Most experts recommend this strategy. This means it should be specific, feasible, concise, and up to mark in a specified time domain.

How to do an Audit on it?

Check Relevancy in Trending Keywords

Try looking at keywords and topics and links you visit to write your content. Check out for the traffic visiting your content. If it’s increasing, then probably you need to create content related to it. But if it is the other way around you need improvements.

Look at Google Rankings of Your Content

Check for google rankings of your content. And do as statistics suggest you do. If your traffic is related to some single topic you need to create a few pages of cluster topic, a page that has multiple topics links.

Analyse Traffic Towards Your Content

If your marketing is based upon content forms like videos and blogs, you need to audit it on a weekly or monthly or quarterly basis. Even if it is a website, you need to do it. Because trends vary from time to time and so do your digital marketing campaigns needs to be. If you do not audit it, your relevancy will become irrelevant soon.

Review Layering Approach of Website

If it’s a website, check out for layering. What kind of content and how is it represented? Look at pages that super popular and try the ingredients they used and how it can be relevant to yours, but you lacked it.

SEO Audits of Website

Check your average position, impressions, and clicks. You need to increase these 3 factors of SEO audits. It will show the general towards the keywords you incorporated into your site or content. Social media keywords trending and you are using. 

Understanding the Basic Principles of Website

You need to learn the purpose and use of basic rules for your website or content. Principles like tagging and meta description and parts that attract search engines to look at your content. For example, the heading should be used with <h1> HTML tag so that the search engine will know it’s a topic. Similarly, sub-topics also needs to mention with proper tags to let search engine crawl through it or else it will be considered as body text.

 Eradicate Broken Links in the Site

If your site and content carry links that are broken and are harmful to your ranking, dispose of them off. As such links will create negative SEO rankings of your content. Take them down or replace them with working ones. 

Use Available Tools for Audit

You can use different tools for SEO auditing tools. Like SEMrush or Grammarly, these will help you in auditing you digital marketing. Some tools are freely available too like and Using such tools will help in further narrowing troubling areas.

Outsource Your Auditing Module

Many firms nowadays outsource tasks that are difficult for them to handle. Firms like AGR Technology are often hired by companies to do auditing for them. By doing so, the company can easily focus on their products or portfolio that makes a difference to them, hence saving their credibility in the marketplace.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.