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The spread of corona virus (COVID-19) is a very serious challenge faced by businesses, World Economy has taken a serious hit and his greatly impacted. Early on, restaurants were left with unoccupied while hotels were like ghost towns.

As hotels are starting operations slowly, you’re likely looking for ways to survive the wave that this pandemic has created. Today, hotels are looking for ways to utilize contactless technology to control the virus spread and digital marketing landscape to improve reach and hotel performance. But the question here is, how much effort and investment should we really put in to get more bookings?

To get more hotel bookings, operators need to make use of hotel PMS technology and develop a smart online inventory distribution strategy to get bookings from direct website using a web booking engine as well as third-party distribution OTA using a channel Manager.

Since hotel’s digital marketing trends are evolving at a rapid speed, from search engines to social media here are the top five things you need to know in hotel digital marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

No matter where you’re hotel is located operators are always looking ways to increase physical traffic, but they also need to focus on online traffic to increase booking.

So how do you improve online traffic?

Simply having a hotel’s website will not get you anywhere if your customers can’t find them. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique used to increase number of relevant visitors to your hotel website by obtaining a high ranking placement in the search engine’s results page. When we say search engine, its most of the time directly referred to Google optimization because it is used by 92.06% of the entire world according to search engine market share.

When your guests find you online you should also make it easy for them to know your hotel information and services offered along with a simple book now option so it is easy for your guests to book a room. Hotel Property Management system provides a direct booking engine that automates your website bookings to your front desk calendar thereby avoiding duplicate bookings. With the latest QR menu innovation in Hotel PMS, guest can scan the QR Code to find and modify their booking details without need to contact the hotel.

When hotels optimize SEO and improve traffic with some key benefits like.

  • More exposure
  • Less Expense
  • High-Quality Leads

Use Social Media

Did you know: Almost half of the global population is present on social media? In the last year, over 40% of the hotel guests have had a look at property’s Facebook page before booking a hotel. This is because social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube has a vast influence with customers, but for the hotel industry it has even more better chance for customer engagement.

Consider this three rules while creating a content for your social media accounts.

  • Authentic Content
  • consistent in Frequency
  • On-Brand

Create a unique content which will not only inform your guests but also create a guest experience. Don’t just sell instead focus on why your guest loves staying with you. Using a Hotel PMS system that is connected with a social media engagement tool gives you great opportunity to connect with your hotel guests asking for reviews, monitoring reviews.

However not each guests have the best experience and provide a negative feedback, but responding to each guest will help future guests will understand how you value your guests.

Email Marketing

Many hotel operator underestimate email marketing when it comes to digital strategy. But email marketing can be used effectively and efficiently because emails are the best way to connect with your guests across the globe.

If you have a comprehensive Hotel PMS system you will be able to send confirmation, QR Code pre-arrival, amendments email etc. to engage with your hotel guests who booked your hotel. Once your guest checks-out you can send them post check-out, future offers and promotional packages email campaigns to earn great ROI for your business.

Online reputation Management

Wandering what your guests are thinking about your hotel?

What your guests think about you is important to know if you want improve your services. These online reviews are going to be crucial for the current and future guests because they check this reviews and ratings before they decide to stay with you. Hotels need to use a hotel reputation management to keep a close track on your reviews and ratings this will get you more bookings.

Metasearch Engines

Metasearch engines are providing huge opportunities for hotel properties. It is easy for guests can find and book you hotel property better but it also possess a challenge because of its digital marketing and distribution efforts of a hotel.

Since Metasearch engine provides opportunity to present your hotel online in front of huge amount of potential guests which indeed improves hotel bookings. Because of its comparative rate model, hotel operator should consider Metasearch as a serious digital marketing channel to improve your direct bookings and you should utilize a hotel booking management software and look ways to optimize their experience.


Digital marketing is all about creating and maintaining an extraordinary guest experience online by investing your money in smart and exceptional advertising. Mycloud Hospitality is a hotel property management system that can help you get more direct bookings, lower your costs, maximize your revenue, manage social media and reputation, and ultimately delight your guests. Request a free demo today to see how it fits your needs.

By Anurag Rathod

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