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How Hotel Sales Takes Place on Digital Media

How Hotel Sales Takes Place on Digital Media

We cannot even imagine the days when there was no internet. The travelers would search for the hotel through newspapers, telephone, or just go in search after reaching the destination. Hotel sales or marketing has become complicated and vibrant. When there was no globalization, there was not much competition. Print advertising, directory listing, cinema, radio, and television were the main channels of advertising. There was no difference in advertisements for travelers traveling for business or vacation. The scenario of advertising has changed entirely in the digital market today. Progression in technology has changed the hospitality industry sales. 

Organic Way of Attracting Visitors


There are many branded hotels having branches everywhere. Small hotels cannot spend a lot of money on advertising. In digital advertising, there is not much to spend as it is less expensive. These days it is impossible to imagine success without the social media presence. There are many ways to advertise on the internet. The organic form of attracting visitors gives great success to marketing. If the visitors turn into customers, there is a lot of revenue for the hotel. The sales department of the hotel is directly responsible for the failure and success of the hotel. Tags with the posts help the visitors to know more about the hotel by getting straight to the web-page. 

Social Media Reaches Potential Guests

Many celebrities are influencing the marketing of the hotels by their posts. These celebrities post their stay at the hotel and some good reviews on social media to attract customers. White hat methods have to be followed to get organic visitors. Social media is an important medium to reach potential guests. The name of the hotel is familiarised to the people by regular postings. User-friendly and safe websites with search engine optimization would encourage visitors to browse for more time. The marketing strategies have to be decided according to the geographical location of the hotel, region, amenities, facilities provided. 

Staff To Be Educated

The video of the hotel and photos of the hotel from different angles gives more ideas about the hotel to potential customers. There are various online platforms used by the hospitality industry to advertise. Technology is everywhere, and it has not left the hospitality industry. The staff of the hotel should be educated to handle some gadgets to know the liking of the customers. The personnel has to be trained to give maximum information to guests like regional attractions, events, and other facilities available in the hotel. Different technology techniques are used for hotel sales. 

Bring In More Guests

Providing a comfortable stay for the guests would attract them for the next time also. The staff should be committed to the guest. Whether it is off-season of peak season, the staff should not lose their patience with the customers. The main aim of the sales team is to bring in more guests through any method. Some repeated guests would surely stay in the hotel as they have a previous good experience. Through digital advertisements, the interested audience can be targeted. Planning the sales strategies according to the hotel conditions is very useful. 

Good Relationship with Event Managers

The main aim of getting more revenue for the hotel is to improve the facilities further. These facilities give comfort to guests. The hotel rooms have to be full to give a charismatic look. There are meeting spaces or halls for events in the hotels. Such areas have to be sold for local events or business gatherings. Some people take hotels for private gatherings like birthday parties or anniversaries. The event managers have to be kept with a good relationship to get more events. The event managers bring in more events to the hotel. The meeting space and the hotel rooms are together booked and would give good revenue to the hotel. 

Online bookings are also suitable for the hotel. The customers are in direct contact with the hotel, and there are no mediators. The hotel need not pay any commission to the mediators. More sales strategies have to be followed in direct sales. Social media connections or SEO are the main reasons for getting more customers directly. Regional tourism professionals also have to be encouraged to get more customers. The provincial people connected with the tourism industry bring in more guests from other places. Marketing through local people will have more effect. More traffic can be expected through the inbound tourism market. 

Author Bio: Hotel sales strategies have to be created. My hospitality sales pro gives more importance to all sales procedures. 

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