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The internet has changed a lot after the year 2000, and it has been evolving every day since then. Millions of people use it at any given second. The internet has created a parallel economy worth billions of dollars. The sheer number of bloggers, vloggers, and other content creators have created services, content, and products with it. If you are one of those folks running a blog or any marketing gig, you need top digital marketing analytics tools in 2020. 

Without these tools, you won’t go much ahead. These top digital marketing analytics tools in 2020 are useful if you want to track your performance, analyze the traffic and competitors, and boost it analytically.  

After consulting with digital marketing experts, using these tools for months, and studying users’ feedback, we have compiled a list of analytics tools. We hope that you are going to find some value in it for upping your business. 

The List of Top Marketing Analytics Tools of 2020


Top Digital Marketing Analytics Tools in 2020

If you are looking for a tool that can help you track users’ activities on your products – app and website, Mixpanel is a reliable tool. It is available for both iOS and Android apps. Tracking actions is comfortable with it. On Mixpanel, you can get data regarding visiting count, trends, etc. 

You can perform A/B testing of apps with Mixpanel, analyze, and track the results. Keeping track of individual visitors on Mixpanel is easy. Trends are shown of any events, and most importantly, you get funnels with the tool. However, before you want Mixpanel to perform any task, you must define it to focus/track on. 

You have both options to define the action – using code and visual selection. If you select the task, it gets added to your dashboard. Then you are set to monitor. 

The basic plan of Mixpanel starts at $99. There are other plans available as you go up. 

Google Analytics

Top Digital Marketing Analytics Tools in 2020

Earlier, we recommended Mixpanel, an ”event-oriented tool”, time for a ”traffic-oriented tool” now. Google Analytics is free for use and quite popular. If you are looking for a tool to track your traffic, it’s the best one. You can see from where your traffic is coming, how they stumble across your site, and the time they spent on it. 

If you are working with Google AdWords, it can be integrated perfectly to keep track of your campaign. However, you can’t track individuals separately on it. So that’s the downside of it. Otherwise, it’s a useful tool. 

It’sIt’s free for use. 

Google Search Console

Top Digital Marketing Analytics Tools in 2020

Since the last tool we talked about was from Google, this is another excellent tool from them. If you are trying to analyze organic traffic from Google to your site, this gives you data on which search terms provide traffic to it—finding impressions on individual search terms, the CTR, and all. 

If gaining traffic from search: organic or not, is your aim, you can benefit immensely from Google Search Console. The data provided by it is beneficial. 

Again, it’s free!


Top Digital Marketing Analytics Tools in 2020

Moz is a reputable name in the digital marketing world. Increasing the traffic to your website from the help of Moz Pro by combining your efforts is relatively easy. When you use Moz Pro, you are presented with data of both your rival and your site. 

Data like: ranking position, link analysis, keyword ranking on the search results, and trends. It doesn’t matter whether you are an amateur or an experienced professional. Both can use it with \ease. 

Moz Pro is quite affordable, coming with various plans for users. A basic, limited-features plan starts around $99/month, and higher plans go up to $599/month with advanced features. 


Top Digital Marketing Analytics Tools in 2020

Sometimes you do everything to increase performance only to witness nothing. That’sThat’s why studying your competitors’ website is necessary. It gives you hints where you are going wrong or where they are going right. SEMrush is the tool that helps you do it. If you are planning to outrank your rivals, you better get it asap. 

Keeping track of their brands and social media handles is easy with it. You get a comprehensive report on competitors’ AdWords keywords. It’sIt’s as deep as any useful analytical tool should be. 

SEMrush offers three plans: one with the most basic features is at $99 and the highest at $399 with all the loaded features. 

Now, we have seen all these data-driven tools to help your marketing strategies. However, is it enough? Nope. The basic rule says that create fresh, original, and unique content that readers find interesting, and they will keep coming back to you. 

If you use plagiarised content, it can affect your website’s performance – as much as getting penalized by Google or a drop in rankings. There are some of the best free plagiarism checker tools out there. They are extremely helpful in keeping the quality of content good. 


If you are working in digital marketing or only running a blog, analytics tools help study the data and other trends. If you use one of the tools mentioned above, we are sure you will positively impact performance. 

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