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Dash cams play a crucial role in today’s trucking industry by influencing many key fields, such as insurance discounts, driver awareness and improved health.

Dash cams are increasingly growing in use. More and more fleets and drivers are adding road-facing and driver-facing dash cams in the trucking industry, owing to the various advantages they bring.

The main motivators for adding dash cams are the opportunity to see what happens during a crucial security incident strengthen driver education services and boost vehicle health.

Below are a few aspects the trucking industry profits from the dash cams and the useful knowledge they collect.

Insurance premiums theoretically lower:

Installing dash cams sends out a strong warning to insurance firms that you are concerned about fleet safety.

When you have a dash cam mounted, certain insurance providers may give a discount. Such kinds of incentives show insurance providers do seek to exploit applicable data and technologies.

Fleets can significantly improve the conductor behavior and overall fleet safety level with dash cams. A healthier fleet would be in a better place to receive even cheaper insurance premiums, with sufficient driver evidence to back up their safety statements.

KENT CamEye’s AI-powered Smart Dashcam could help innocent drivers become exonerated and improve driver coaching.

Reduce myths of dash cam video:

According to a survey, in almost 85 per cent of truck-passenger vehicle accidents, passenger cars are at fault, but commercial drivers are more likely to take blame.

The lopsided blame will add up easily. The estimated cost of a major truck collision is about $91,000, according to the FMCSA. Injury collision costs about $200,000. Some accident could stop the company in its tracks with the owners-operators and the small fleets.

Dash cams allow fleet managers to see the road through the driver’s eyes and capture video evidence. No more he said she said — just facts. This may reduce many false claims and potential liabilities. 

Boosting safe drivers with security information:

Fleet directors can boost safe driving by making driver reward programs. With these projects, you can remunerate the most secure drivers and give them legitimate acknowledgment. 

Dash cams permit organizations to effortlessly assemble security information, for example, hard cornering, slowing down, increasing speed and impacts. This information can be seen as a driver scorecard and utilized as a device to mentor drivers who need to improve. 

Construct a culture of security by putting drivers first and being straightforward. A portion of our clients print out driver scorecards and append them to checks. The individuals who have great numbers are given quarterly rewards.

Improving driver preparing with video film:

Indeed, even veteran drivers aren’t immaculate drivers. Street wellbeing is the main focal point of DOT, FMCSA, and most shipping organizations at the present time.

Fleet administrators are improving their driver instructing programs with the assistance of run cams. At the point when basic wellbeing occasions occur, security administrators can utilize the recordings recorded by run cams and show drivers what turned out badly and, all the more significantly, how to forestall comparable occurrences later on. 

With video, discussions become dependent on proof and result in commonsense tips rather than suspicions and falsehood. 

Norman Bright, a Fleet and security director has figured out how to improve driver conduct with the assistance of the Kent CamEye Smart Dash cam and other wellbeing highlights.

Accelerating protection claims:

Run cams can possibly change the manner in which protection claims work in the shipping business

With clear video proof, protection suppliers will get more setting, which may prompt a speedier goals of cases. 

D&A McRae utilizes the Kent CamEye Smart Dash cam. One of their drivers was cut off by another truck entering his path, who at that point switched to another lane to keep away from the impact. 

Ensuring and absolving drivers when they aren’t to blame: 

On the off chance that a driver isn’t to blame, the video proof can be an important apparatus for demonstrating that guiltlessness and securing the driver.

D&A McRae Transportation was associated with an impact with a traveler vehicle. The scramble cam film helped them absolve their driver who wasn’t to blame. 

Improve security and productivity with run cams:

The two truckers and armada executives have understood the significance of run cams. The business has now moved from “Would it be a good idea for me to get a scramble cam” to “Which run cam would it be a good idea for me to get?” 

A decent spot to begin your scramble cam search is with the Kent CamEye’s Smart Dash cam. It flawlessly incorporates with the Kent CamEye ELD arrangement and naturally sends recordings of basic occasions. 

Regardless of what run cam you go with, you will advance a culture of wellbeing in your business, which will have enduring advantages

By Anurag Rathod

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