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Five factors to consider when shipping products to customers

Five factors to consider when shipping products to customers

With the advancement in technology, the shopping trend has changed, and online shopping has increased in the world. Online shopping covers more than 10 percent of retail sales every year. It is estimated that the e-commerce sector will touch the value of US$4.5 trillion by the year 2021. With the increase in the internet shopping trend, the demand for the shipping boxes has also increased by many folds. According to a report, there are around 165 billion packages used by online shopping stores every year. This number is for the United States of America alone. This comes with the fact that online stores are not the only consumers of the shipping cartons, but they are also being used by the local merchandisers as well who provide home delivery of the items. Whether for a physical or a virtual store, the transportation of the products is a big concern, and they always look for a safer, handier, and stylish packaging solution for this purpose. The following five tips will help you to figure out whether your package is perfect or it needs to be upgraded. 

Make your packaging reliable

Since shipping is not a pleasant journey for a manufactured good, make your packaging secure for it. It means that the moving and shipping boxes should be safe for the product that is to be packed in them. Make sure that the material used for the manufacturing of the custom boxes and packages is durable and heavy-duty. Durable material can bear the unpleasant journey of transportation perfectly well. The container must be tidy and good looking, and it should give the impression that there is something valuable inside it.

Moreover, keeping the items dry is another factor that needs to be considered while sending them through cargo. A thick-walled container will keep the valuable dry and does not let the humidity affect it. Using a reliable container will not only save you stress-free but also make a positive image of your brand in front of the buyers.

A pleasant unboxing experience (printing)

Keeping the purchased item safe during the shipping process is essential, but what makes your buyers loyal to your brand is an enjoyable unboxing experience. The moment customers open the package is the time when they decide whether or not to shop at the same brand again. No matter how high-quality the product is if the customers are not happy with the unboxing experience.

Make your product packaging pretty and presentable with customized printing on it. The more attractive and colorful the package is, the more it will make the unboxing pleasant.

Because unboxing is essential, some brands go an extra mile and paint the carton from inside as well. This inside color can be according to the signature color of the brand, or it can be relevant to the product itself as well.

Know your supply chain (shipping company, its charges, and its schedule)

Most of the times, the manufacturer or retailer inks accord with a courier or cargo company to get their moving and shipping boxes delivered to the customers. This company becomes an integral part of the supply chain through which the customers get their desired commodities at their doorsteps. Knowing your supply chain, its charges, and most importantly, its schedule is essential for the manufacturer and retailer. The program will help to find out how quickly the package will be delivered or if there is any possible delay, how much time will it take in that case.

Make the most out of it (Branding)

The shipping boxes are not merely the packaging solutions for the safest delivery of the commodities. They are much more than that, and they can be used as a branding tool as well. The name of the manufacturing company, the brand logo, customized font, and color scheme, they all do the marketing of the brand. Knowing the fact, many courier and cargo companies use cartons that are embellished with their brand logo and name. Why let the courier company take advantage of the space while you can use it for your brand.

Another fact is that customers might receive several parcels in a single day, how they are going to remember your brand if it is not pretty enough to be recalled and how they are going to identify it from a pile of boxes unless you got your brand name and logo printed on them.

Convenient and trendy designs

Based on the shape, size, and nature of the product, the shipping container should be designed in the most comfortable and stylish design. Being convenient means that the carton should be easy to handle during and after the shipping alike as if the customers have to move it alone from one place to another inside their house, it should be a tough task for them.

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