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With the boom of eLearning in the last decade, the real fuel to fire was added by Covid induced lockdowns including work from home and social distancing protocols. In the last three years one thing became abundantly clear that eLearning is here to stay. It is no longer an additional resource but going to be a crucial component of the education system in 2023. 

Probably the last industry to hop on the IT bandwagon was the educational sector as the crucial importance of the age-old concept of teacher – student interaction, handwritten examinations, face-to-face viva etc in the school system could not be ruled out despite the advent of digitisation. 

But with the new-age apps, learning is not only fun but very exciting as it involves gaming, VR, quizzes and even virtual engagement with teachers all at the click of a button. The world of corporations and start-ups are now increasingly focused on finding new educational app ideas to keep pace with the demands of this ever-changing world. 

If you are looking for educational app ideas then you have come to the right place as we have listed the top-5 app ideas that are not only exciting but also financially lucrative at the moment. Read on to know more.

Home Tution App 

Although schools have started, many parents find it challenging to enroll their kids to extra classes or home tuition where students can get personal attention and resolve their queries. 

With an increase in the online schooling apps, the next generation can actually study online by using a home tution app to not only learn but also for problem solving and taking notes. They could enroll in one-on-one classes or into a batch. 

Students can choose from a list of experts from across the country for their choice of subject. The use case scenarios for this app are endless. 

An App for Differently-abled Persons 

Many differently abled persons especially kids in India do not have access to good education even in tier-2 and 3 cities. Often parents end up spending so much money on their kids’ treatment that they do not have the financial and mental strength to take these kids to a tier-1 city for education. 

For instance there are practically negligible high schools in the country for deaf and dumb students. You can develop an app for a particular segment of such learners who can attend daily lectures or even pre-recorded lessons from the comfort of their homes. 

Additionally there can be app for autistic kids that not only teaches them but also has guidance material for parents and counselling sessions for both parents and kids to deal with autism spectrum disorder. 

It is about time that anyone in the ed-tech sector searching for educational app ideas comes up with innovative solutions for the children with disabilities.

Flashcard Apps

As the curriculum is still focused on rote-learning in the primary and high school years. There is immense demand for flashcard apps. The students find it easier to learn by using flash cards. 

In fact black and white flashcards are introduced to infants as young as 3 months old. So you can build a database of flashcards for a target age groups that can help students in learning a particular topic of a subject. 

It is crucial that the app have not just visual cues but also audio/video cues that can further promote easy learning. This app can be used to track the learners knowledge, learning and memory skills.

AR led Educational App

Augmented Reality (AR) has really changed the way we perceive sight and sounds. To offer a more hands on experience in the ed-tech sector you could build AR apps that showcase a life like experience of a topic that could also feature games. 

When finding Pokemon was such a craze then building a Titanic in a real-time and life-like situation would be an immersive experience for any student be it high-schooler or college grad, isn’t it? 

The possibilities of augmented reality educational app ideas are boundless and can only be limited by one’s imagination. With the right eLearning App Development Company building an AR app should be a walk in the park.

App for Toddlers & Pre-schoolers

The market for apps for kids in the age of 2 – 6 years is rapidly growing. There aren’t enough apps in this segment yet. Especially for toddlers, the schools only teach nursery rhymes and introduce alphabets, numbers, fruits, vegetables, etc. 

But the kids are already watching youtube and a number of OTT programs on TV/Mobile/Tablets. Parents are increasingly searching for apps that can not only keep the kids engaged but also become a learning experience for them in the form of games, quizzes, coloring, puzzles, flashcards etc. 

Invest in the Future of Ed-Tech

If you are ready to develop an educational app to invest in the future of ed-tech and target the young learners, then now is the perfect time to start. With so many educational app ideas shared herewith, we are confident you will find the one to kickstart your venture and climb the ladder of success in Ed-Tech domain. 

You can also use the services of an eLearning App Development Company in India to ensure that you create an app that meets your creative needs, has exciting UI/UX and fits the pocket. In order to improve engagement it is better to start this journey with an experienced team of experts in the Ed-Tech sector.

So what are you waiting for? Hop on the bandwagon and change the app space one app at a time!!

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.