Many of them would think that there is no such dissimilarity between both of them. We are not here to judge who is the better one from others. We want to throw light on the differences between the two artworks and their style of working. Mangastream and Marvel-like comics have their own face depending upon their liking and their taste. But for me there no such winner between both of them.

Here we would be keeping it very simple we will target only specific genres like Martial Arts/Adventure of Mangastream and Hero’s who have superpowers. An array of the genre to be covered here is so vast we tried to keep it short and selected a particular genre as it is more widely known to the public.    


One of the major discrepancies between both of them is that Manga comics have been printed only in black and white. In some cases, it has been found that few pages are colored but the majority remains black or while. Whereas its counterpart has been printed in the color format.When the introduction of the site like Mangastream things has changed.

Another thing that sets them apart is that Japanese Manga is printed on weekly basis in the magazine to quench the thirst of its fan base. American comics are far behind in this concept they still to catch up on this as it takes a while for another comic book to come in the stand. Here the Japanese comics have the upper hand it is a weekly dose given to the fan base which keeps them engaged and increases their curiosity level for upcoming comics for which they do not need to wait for ages.


One of the parameters which set them apart is the way stories are written. There are many things which we can cover here but one of the main areas which we are going to focus on is the length of the stories written. Here to the Japanese counterpart have the upper hand. The stories can be never-ending they write end number of chapters to defeat the enemy, a particular character who has to be saved from the rival party, and so on. Another hand the American comics tend to be shorter when we relate them to Manga comics. 

Western Heroes

Something, where Western comic books have the upper hand, is the time frame. If we look at the character of Captain America which was introduced in the early forties of the twentieth century. People have the same crazy for owing their comic of Captain America or watch the movies of this character. Also, these movies have done good business at the box office. Which is an achievement in itself. Another thing about these western comics is the superheroes can be reinstated with another character. Batmen getting a new Robin. The shield was passed over by Captain America and so on. The popularity of western movies has increased due to the movies which were made on comic books. Batman, Ironman, Black Panther is the turning point due to which there was a surge in the popularity of this characters. All these movies have made history at the box office. Also, the person line Christoper Nolan is directing a movie it means it has to be a sure shot hit. All the scenes in that movie were thrilling, the story was well-written with excellent and powerful acting performance. Especially joker was memorable, his acting was so natural that we hated him as a character. Which was a compliment for the joker. The craze for Ironman, Black Panther, Wonder Women is immense. There is no comparison between the two world character but the popularity of the western character was more.

Japanese Heroes

The characters in the Japanese comics get continuously get stronger day by day. While it seems the western characters have limited strength. We can take the example of Goku who has evolved a lot from its day of inception. There is a lot of debate between Goku and Superman, if someone is thinking who are they then why are they here, and why waste your time reading this. There are a lot of characters like Thanos, Ironman, Thor has stupendous powers but Goku is at par with them immense powers which he carries throughout is one of my favorite.


It does not matter how many discrepancies are between both of them. Both of them have ruled our hearts for generations. A website like Mangastream and similar like them have helped to grow the popularity all over the world. Both types of comics have a very strong story, fantastic themes they all overload with the arsenal to blow up our minds and take us to a different world. Time to say adieu friends, need to catch up and start reading. Happy reading.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.