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Do you know there are more than ten types of bicycles? Invented years ago, the bicycle is considered one of the favourite time passes even in this modern world. Over 1 billion people are currently using cycles all over the world. Being one of the best activities for all age groups, it comes with various benefits. It keeps health in check and saves the environment.

Bicycles have a quite wide history that goes more than 600 years back. But today’s cycles are different from traditional ones. They have significantly evolved over time with major innovations and dramatically upgraded in the features.

Back in the day, bicycles did have two wheels like today, but they did not have paddles and steerings. Imagine riding bikes without paddles ━ interesting, isn’t it?

Traditional bicycles are now transformed into electric bikes. They are now more comfortable, beneficial, and crazy to ride. There are different kinds of cycles to cater to different demands. Cycling has been a craze among people. People have become more adventurous and smart with the use of cycles. Many adventure junkies ride bikes on mountains to test their adrenaline. But bikers should understand that the cycle used to ride on mountains is different from regular ones. Similarly, there are different types of bicycles available in the market for different needs.

When choosing the perfect kind of cycle for you, it is important to understand why you need it. When you walk into a bike store, be it online or offline, first, you will be asked the purpose of the cycle or type of the cycle ━ mountain bike, hybrid bike, or road bike.

Your decision entirely depends on your needs and personal preferences. Some people look for speed control, and a few love riding electric bikes for their convenience. 

So, when a shopkeeper asks you about ━ what type of bicycle you would like to prefer, ━ you should have a clear understanding of the types of cycles. In order to have a better understanding of different kinds of bicycles, go through the below-mentioned details.

List of Different Types of Cycles

Let’s find out the best bike that suits your personality and requirement both.

Road Bike

Road bikes are regular bikes that you can find everywhere on the road. They have skinny tires, turned-down handlebars, and are lightweight. The lightweight frame makes it the perfect type of bicycle for daily commuting, racing, touring, fitness riding, and long-distance riding.

Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes are different from road bikes. These bikes are designed to deal with sturdy and uneven surfaces. Mountain bikes come with excellent braking systems and shock absorbing features that can easily cope with challenges coming across the way.  

They are usually 26-29 inches in height with knobby tires, making them perfect to face obstacles. These bikes have flat handlebars, rugged components, and frames to have smooth riding on the rocky mountains.

Touring Bike

These are almost the traditional bikes, except for a few tweaks and features that make them a perfect bike for long-distance tours. What keeps them separate from the traditional bike is its multiple attachments like lights, pumps, racks, water bottle stand, fenders, and so much more.

These additional accessories help you carry heavy loads and make riding comfortable. One thing that is different in touring bikes is a longer wheelbase that helps provide more control to the rider. 

Some touring bikes come with enhanced stopping power and semi-knobby tires that are designed to handle gravel roads.

Folding Bike

As the name suggests, a folding bike can be folded easily and carried in a bag. They are an excellent travel companion due to their folding feature. Those who keep on travelling from one place to another or have limited space at their home can prefer folding bikes.

This bike comes with smaller wheels, with most of them being 20 inches, making it easy to ride and carry. From handlebar to saddle, the bike comes with a completely folding frame.

Hybrid Bike

A hybrid bike is best described as a mix of all: mountain, road, and touring bikes. They are designed to cater to a wide range of demands. They come with usually large tires, flat bar, disc brakes to ensure comfortability while riding.

Its features like disc brakes are quite responsive and impressive, making it perfect for riding in turbulent weather conditions. Many hybrid bikes are considered commuter-friendly because of their design. However, it is important to note that not all hybrid bikes are created equal. So, you must choose according to your requirements and types of riding.

This is all about the types of bicycles. Now that you are aware of the major types of cycles available out there, which one are you going to gift yourself? Whichever bike you choose, keep the use of the bike in mind.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.