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COVID has become one of the deadliest viruses to ever walk on the face of the earth. The virus is killing more people every day, and scientists are doing all they can use so that they can find a vaccine that will render the virus incapable of destroying people’s immune systems and that will save lives. With scientists working day and night to get the vaccine that will work, new medical technology is coming to life. The piece below will cover how the COVID vaccines helped emerging medical technology.

E-Health and M-Health

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about case detection technology that involves tracking and sharing patients’ data. Apps that can do the above have come into existence and make work easier for the government and its health workers. The virus has brought about remote patient care and remote learning of health care workers. The process has made more health workers available to cater to the high rise in hospitals and homes.

New Production

Personal protective equipment is what doctors are wearing when dealing with patients with the virus to protect themselves. New technology has come in place to cater to the mass production of the PPEs. Diagnostic tests that are used to test the virus are required in large numbers. Companies from across the world are inventing the technology to curb the test kits shortage.

Intensive care equipment such as ventilators used by patients who have difficulty breathing is needed in large numbers, so new technology has to be in place to make enough ventilators that the world needs. Additionally, medical device design and development is constantly being improved. The COVID Vaccines are a testament to how quickly modern medicine needs to adapt in a time of crisis.

A New Face of Technology

Vaccine platform technologies are the technologies that are coming to life to face the virus ending life with a snap. The vaccine platform technology uses the same technique as the others before to make more than one vaccine. The vaccine platform is working hard to create a vaccine to weaken the ever-mutating virus. The more the virus is mutating, the more it will be challenging to disassemble it.

Different vaccine-making companies like Moderna and innovio are using the RNA and DNA approach to determine which vaccine will work. The RNA and DNA approach deals with genetic materials being injected and translated into the protein that the human cells then convert to antibodies. At this point, it is crucial to have all the vaccine-making companies alert as they try and make their vaccine pass the clinical stage since there is hope.

DNA Nudge

Prof. Toumazou created DNANudge to help people have easy access to DNA testing technology. The sole purpose before the pandemic was to help people get the knowledge on what health conditions their genetic makeup may dispose them to in the future so they can make informed decisions.

Researchers worldwide adapted DNA technology to detect COVID-19, with tests coming out in only 90 minutes. Researchers linked up the technology with people with mental health conditions who would not wait for 48 hours in isolation for their results to be out. With medical technology growing daily, scientists and doctors will be able to identify and understand the virus’s pathology while identifying people who are at high risk.

Precision Medicine

The technology that is being used against the fight of COVID 19 is meant for accuracy purposes. Even in future endeavors in medicine, accuracy is what matters more. A sound filling system is used to record all persons who have taken the jab and those scheduled for the second and third dose. Suppose Al in medical practice will bring more benefits to the healthcare practitioners and patients. Health care practitioners will be freed from filing medical information of their clients into digital systems to pay more attention to their patients.

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Cancer Medicine

Even though the COVID vaccine is the priority right now, scientists in Morden and BioNTech are also using mRNA technology to experiment in cancer medicine. Mordenas advanced medical project other than the COVID 19 is the mRNA compounds on treating ovarian cancer, which is in its second testing stage.


These are some of the technological inventions that have come in place in search of the COVID vaccine.

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