Bored Pier Footings

Bored pier footings are the non-displacement piles formed on the soft ground where an auger and soil column can be extracted from the drilled hole. These are also known as drift shaft and can be used to support heavyweights. Bored pier footings give supports to your concrete loads or foundations. You need to use such bored piers for the vertical concrete foundations, and you need to cast these piers on your job site. You can find some readymade concrete pile foundations such as spun pile and reinforced square piles, and you can use them for your construction. But, you cannot bout readymade bored piers for your project. If you need a readymade or precast bored pile, then you can choose the bored piers footings.

Bored pier installation process:

If you are working on a soft ground where groundwater is present at the underneath level, you need to use a steel cast to install bored piles. You can find many benefits of bored piers footings, but you need to know the process of bored piers footings. The following steps define the process of bored pier installation:

  1. Begin with drilling a hole in the soil.
  2. This hole can range between 60 meters deep and 2.4 meters in width.
  3. You need to use a steel cylinder for this drilling process, and you need to insert this cylinder into the ground. Once the drilling process is done, you can remove the cylinder and pour the concrete by a concrete pump.

An important point that we would like to mention here is that the borer can be outfitted with buckets to collect soil and debris, thereby leaving the place clean,

While this may look like a simple task, it is advisable that you must seek professional assistance who can help you with the installation of bored pier footings. This process requires extensive skills and knowledge. After installing the bored piles, you need to fill the top with some bored piers footings. You can cast such footings on your construction site, or you can borrow such bored pier footings from a manufacturer or supplier.  

Why would you install bored pier footings?

If you want to apply heavy loads on your building, you need to use such bored piers. You cannot install a concrete foundation on the soft soil where underground water is present. You need to drill the ground and make a solid concrete structure at the underground levels. In this case, you can use bored piles, and you can drill the ground and pour concrete membranes. You can create a structure at the underground level for earth retention, and you can also install multiple bored piers for your large construction. But you must maintain at least 75-100mm distance between two piles. Bored piers footings are mostly installed at the top of the bored piles, and you can cap such piles with the precast footings.

Installing the bored piles is not easy, because you need to investigate the soil and report by an engineer. You can choose the boring pile installation process according to the soil type. You should hire a contractor that has at least 5-8 years of experience in this field. If you are working in a ground where soil cohesion is less, and sand, gravel and slits are present on the ground, you need to drill the ground with steel cages.    

Bored pier footings can penetrate the soft soil and underground water, preventing moisture variation. Apart from that, fewer amounts of vibration and noises are created during this installation process.

This was the basic information about bored pier footings and its installation. The right installation depends on the contractor, and hence you must focus on hiring the best professional for this task.

By Anurag Rathod

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