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Being parents, we all love our little ones to grow happy and healthy. And since our little ones love to play and hug plush toys, don’t miss the opportunity of buying them from the top toy manufacturers that are available in the market online.

We generally choose soft toys according to price and design. But before purchasing any plush toy you should be aware of the famous plush toy brands so the next time you think of buying a toy for your child you can be fully assured that it is of great quality.

What are the things that can be customized for  plush toys?

Custom design

Any toys can be customized according to your design. You can demand your own original design and they can make it for you. If you still find any problem in design, the toy manufacturers can help you make it.

Print & Embroidery

Printing and embroidery can be done on toys, like printing on toy’s cloth, print on fabric, knitting on fabric or embroidery on toys, they can help you make all of these.

Custom material

Plush toys have many materials like fabric, filling, long plush and short plush etc. The manufacturers can customize toys according to the buyer’s  required material.

Custom clothes

Many stuffed toys need clothes, just make sure the confirmation of  the clothes details so that they can make the cloth for you.

Custom packaging

Once the toy is manufactured, be sure of the packaging. The toy manufacturers can supply you with custom packaging. You can choose a bag, box or any other packaging as per your requirement. 

What is the manufacturing process of a plush toy?


The first procedure is the prototype. You need to give an idea about the product you want. The product can be anything – a doll, a teddy bear,  or some other animal. Then you have to provide the details with some sketch or picture of the final product.

The designers then take over and a sample prototype is produced. As long as you are not satisfied with the final design, changes are made. Once the prototype looks good in picture, the sample is sent to you so that you can be satisfied with the final design.


The manufacturing period can vary according to quantities and intricateness of the toy. It can also depend according to the workload at the factory. Once the sample is ready an exact rate will be given to you.


The price rate of each toy will be different as per the design, size and quantity.

You need to take care of the following things when buying a plush toy from a manufacturing company:

Match the  Manufacturers

Buy from a manufacturer that:

  • You are comfortable with
  • has experience selling to Walmart and Amazon
  • worked with top clients like Disney, FedEx, Facebook, McDonald’s,
  • Has good rating

Make sure the quote includes:

  • Good quality design and materials
  • Toy safety
  • Assurance of quality
  • good-quality design and materials
  • weekly updates on your project status
  • Stitch in labels design and layout


Once you have finalized the prototype and confirmed the exact price, select the quantity and place an order. Your production order should include:

  • confirmed price per toy at various quantities
  • confirmed shipping costs for your selected quantity
  • your desired packaging designed
  • any final changes shown in the final production sample
  • a production sample for your  approval
  • safety testing completed
  • details to get the toys manufactured according to your wish
  • quality check done

Here are some common FAQS on manufacturing of toys:

1. How much will the toy cost?

The cost of the toy depends on the size of the toy, the quantity you order, and the complexity of the toy.

2. How long does it take for the custom toy to be delivered?

 The delivery date depends on the changes you require. With toy safety laws, safety tests are performed on every production order. The essential safety tests might take a couple of weeks.

3. Are the toys safe?

Yes. The toy manufacturers make sure it has passed all the vital safety tests for your country.

4. Can you explain the prototyping process ?

Once the design is ready, the photos are sent to you from various angles. The prototypes are then modified as per your requirements. Once you finalize everything the production process begins.

5. What about safety and testing?

The main goal of a toy manufacturing company is to make sure that the toys do not harm or cause any risk to the children. That is why it makes sure it meets the highest international standards. 

So, if you are looking for a custom plush of characters from your book, a stuffed animal of your mascot, nowadays, there are many manufacturers of plush toys that delivers quality plush at a great price: Some of them are:

  • Custom Plush Toys
  • Orange Toys
  • Gund
  • Aurora

By Anurag Rathod

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