VoIP Mobile Apps

In the latest era, we are gradually moving to the VoIP and SAP phone calls to improve the communication system. 

More or less, we are dependent on the mobile network. Now, you can get the Mobile data signals everywhere. Mostly, you can get a mobile signal availability of Wi-Fi. Technology has now progressed; we can easily communicate on the internet. Switching to the internet is cheaper, easier and more effectively connected.

Here, you got a list of the best apps for VoIP number and SAP calls for you.

Firstly, you go with the list that android provides SAP support. This is because it has been used for a long time. Additionally, many wireless carriers allow Wi-Fi calling without organizing the proper setup.

We firstly recommend you first try the quick solutions before using an alternative. This is because some devices are slightly different placement of the setting if you are using OEM customization.

VoIP Phone Calling: 

VoIP has been used for small and large businesses. There are many distributors used for the customer services team. They only require one number. The others can use for the conference rooms at their office desks. The companies like to have a Wi-Fi connection. The setting up of the VoIP system is not a difficult task. By using VoIP, people can cut down their half bills. You are no more dealing with the wiring system every time. You don’t need to add or remove a phone. 

When VoIP typically come into mind in a business context. They are exclusively used for business purposes. VoIP in the USA helps to enhance a business on a small and large scale. The people also use the VoIP services as a replacement for the landline phone. They turn their computers into VoIP Phones while using an app. 


Discord works excellently to make direct calls for the other users or make a server-based group chat. The gamers also use this app for stable communication. It also works like steam. We can find and create servers for any reason. We can also use it for the android authority podcast. You can find all types of servers such as games, lifestyle, anime as well. The voice quality is good. Even you can exchange the servers.

Facebook Messenger:

Facebook messenger is above an average for VoIP calls. It is majorly used for text messages. The app also supports video calling, SMS texting and voice calling. The internet connection determines the quality of the calls. It works good enough. But it is not recommended for the lower spaced devices. The app is quite heavy on resource usage.

The Facebook Messenger Lite is another option. The user can easily make calls ad send texts. If you are using the system, it is much lighter to operate. Suppose you are discussing the popularity. This app also manages your SMS messages, If you want. Facebook works well for chatting and calling purposes.


Viber does not have a large user base in the US. But it is famous around the world. The app is intensely popular among people. The app provided full flagged features such as chat services, voice and video calling. It can also include public chat, stickers, file attachment services and many more features. The people in the USA do not know much about Viber. The app is entirely free. It offers cross-platform offers SIP and VoIP. 

Google Duo

It is the latest Google video calling app. It gives support to regular voice calling as well. Like most of the VoIP apps, everyone wants to use duo for calling work purposes. The app has excellent quality in voice and video calling. The process is quite simple. There is no extra stuff, and bloating is available. 

You want your friends to sign up and get going with your family, friends.  The apps can freely install on iOS devices. 

Grand stream Wave

It is a free SIP app. Grand Stream helps you to link your business on the residential SIP account to any android device. You can use your mobile data or Wi-Fi to connect with this app. It is a simple app with plenty of features. It supports Six SIP account. Suppose you did not test for a long time. It works as advertised without much variance. It has multiple options aside from the few bugs. 

Magi Capp

The magic app is the most popular VoIP and SIP app. It can use on the actual phone No. The app comes with multiple features calling on landline numbers or providing SMS support. The service is not free of cost. It approximately cost 9.99 per year. You can get unlimited calls US and Canada. You can send a complete text to the USA numbers by using the actual phone number. It works excellently on both devices, Mobile and PC. Aside from some bugs, people love to use it. 

MizuDroid SIP VoIP Softphone

On Google Play, MizuDroid is the most regular updated SIP app. It does not require SIP existing account. But it does support various SIP account VoIP tunnelling, encryption, VoIP tunnelling. Voicemail and use the IM. The user interface is a little older. But the people had like to use it. The app is simple to use and quite functional. The app is entirely free to use. There is no need to purchase the other app. 

Signal Private Messenger

Signal private messenger is the best VoIP app from the privacy prospect. It follows the latest trend to support the text as well as support voice calling. It does not keep multiple lists of features. However, it does provide average security list privacy features, encryption. It also integrates with the existing mobile phone and the contact list. You loved to like the most.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.