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You know that nowadays people love to stream online to interact with their audiences. You must also have seen streaming on the internet often, to your favorite YouTuber and you may also have a question: what was the best encoder for youtube live streaming?

No warriors, today I will talk to you in this post about What is the Encoder? What Does Encoder Do? And Best Encoder For YouTube Live Streaming. Currently, users love to watch content on various platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc, therefore the creator also not just uploads a video but they stream online with the help of Encoder.

The encoder provides much more options in live videos. So if you are also planning to buy a new encoder for streaming online then, my recommendation is to wait for a while to read this article and then. Because in this post I will share some of the best Encoder for youtube live streaming with pros & cons.

What Is An Encoder?

The encoder is available in two formats: Hardware & Software. If you go with Hardware then you have to set up a physical device with your computer but for software, you need to install the software into your computer.

An encoder allows you to stream online on various video streaming platforms. It simply converts any video to compressed digital format. Not only that you can also set elements on video, and you can also set an extra microphone and camera with that.

Encoder offers their users to add templates on the video that can attract the audience. But for using any encoder you have to have a good computer and Internet connectivity because slow computers and low-speed internet connection can’t afford the encoder’s load.

The Best Encoder For Youtube Live Streaming

#1. URayCoder – Best Video Encoder MPEG4

URayCoder is a great encoder for video streaming. You can stream 4 different video simulations and you can put these 4 videos on different video streaming platforms. In this, you can add static text, and scroll text on your video.

URayCoder provides you 5 years of manufacturing warranty with free lifetime support for this device. Available with API, SDK, CGI control protocol. It allows its users to configure with the APP and Web Page also. So if this feature suits your requirements then you can go with it.


  • 5 years of warranty.
  • Available AP, SDK, CGI control protocol.
  • Can be stream 4 different video simulations


  •  You can’t schedule a stream.

#2. LiveU – Video Encoder (Portable)

If you are a Vlogger and looking for a Portable encoder you can try this. This is one of the best portable encoders that come with a rechargeable battery that offers you decent battery backup (the company itself promises for the battery back to last around 3 hours).

This is portable as we can understand by its name. It is wireless video streaming that allows you to stream online with different print quality like 720P, 1080P, and even 4K video quality. You can connect it with 4G, Ethernet, and with WiFi.


  • Supports 4G, Ethernet, WiFi
  • Best for Vlogging
  • Good Battery Back


  • Pricing is very high.

#3. J-Tech Digital – Best Budget Video Encoder for YouTube

If your budgets are low then you can try J-tech Digital Encoder for streaming online. Pricing is low doesn’t mean it loses quality.

You can stream online in various video formats like 1080p@60/50Hz, 1080i@60/50Hz, 720p@60/50Hz, 576p@60/50Hz, 576i@50Hz, 480p@60Hz, 480i@60Hz. You avail 1 year of manufacturing warranty plus lifetime free supports.

The best thing about this is you don’t need a high-speed internet connection for this. You can make it yours by just spending 156$.


  • Lifetime free support.
  • Pricing is under 200$
  • Have the option to stream video on various formats.


  • No Cons Found

#4. YoloLiv – HD Video Encoder Device

This is one of the great video encoder devices. It is multitasking and has some amazing features. You can get a 7Inch touch display on this plus a multi-view monitor.

It supports WiFi, LTE, and Ethernet. Video can be switched between multiple sources. It allows you to add logos and text to your video to increase your video quality. The weight of this device is around 1KG 400gm. It cost you around 1180$.


  • Capable of replacing your laptop and computer.
  • Software is simple to use.
  • Good battery backup.


  •  When you play a video from an SD card a few times it fails to sync.

#5. DDMALL – Small Video Encoder for YouTube:

If you don’t want a heavy one for streaming then I am sure you will love this encoder because it is as small as your finger so that you can keep it in your pocket.

You will be shocked to know about its weight. It has only 200gm which is less than your mobile device. But don’t get confused by its size and weight, it can fulfill all your requirements for streaming video on different platforms.

You can stream video in full 4K quality with the pixel of 3840×2160 on 30fps. You can configure it by your tab, mobile, laptop, or any device which is internet enabled. The company offers you a 3 years manufacturing warranty.


  • Compact size & stunning function.
  • Real 4K and 4K streaming is smooth and stable
  • Weight is below your phone.


  • Sometimes stuck.


There are plenty of encoders available on the market for youtube live streaming but as we all know encoders are expensive so choosing the best one at a good price is always a challenge, therefore, I wrote this article and shared some of the best encoders for youtube live streaming with pros & cons.

Because if you want to stream online and want to interact with your audience then choosing a good encoder is important. You can find the top 5 I picked and choose from them. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this you can leave me a comment below.

By Anurag Rathod

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