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If you are a blogger or a web developer. So it is very important for you to know that WordPress can prove to be a boon for you in your blogging career. Since this is a platform where you can promote your blogging career in front of the whole world. And with this, you can make your identity in the world and earn good money too.

As you all know, it is very important for us to have knowledge of coding to make a website. Earlier we used to think that without coding we cannot create a professional website. But today it is absolutely possible. We can create a professional website without any coding. For this, a platform was launched by Mike Little on 27 May 2003. When Mike Little was only 20 years old. Then he prepared and launched this platform. In which we can easily create our website without any coding. Whose name is “WordPress”.

WordPress is a content management system. Which is easily known as CMS. It is built by PHP which is known as “Hypertext Processor” or in simple language “Personal Home Page”. And from MySQL. In which changes can be made easily. That is why it is called an Open Source Website.

Types of WordPress

  • WordPress.Com
  • WordPress.Org

If you want to use WordPress. And whenever you search about WordPress in Google. So you must have come across two WordPress websites. One WordPress.Com and the other WordPress.Org. ( WordPress course in Rohini )So you must have been disturbed seeing these two. Which of these two WordPress do you have to use? So friends, do not panic at all. Now we will give you complete information about it. So first of all, what is WordPress.Com?

What is WordPress.Com?

WordPress.Com is the site where you can make your website both free and paid. But the thing to note in this is that you cannot manage your website completely. In this, limited service is provided to you on choosing a free plan. And on choosing a paid plan, some options of services are also increased. But your website is not completely under you. In this, you are not given the original domain. Rather a sub-domain is given.

Due to which you are unable to create the original identity of your website. Therefore, in this, you are able to remain independent only to a certain extent. Apart from this, if any unethical content is found on your website, then your website can be closed at any time. Let’s get to know more about it later. Before this, let’s also know a little about WordPress.Org.

What is WordPress.Org?

WordPress.Org is the website where you are free to make changes on your website unlimitedly. Where you have the original name of your website and full access to the website in your hands. You can make new changes to the website whenever you want, that too without limitation. For which you need two things. First your favorite domain and second hosting.

In the presence of both of these, you can make your website the way you want by connecting your domain to the hosting. So let’s know what is the difference between WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org? Fully aware of this. So that you can choose the right option.

How to make a WordPress website?

As we told you earlier , there was no Control Management System (CMS). Then to create a website, we had to go to a web developer or to make a website on our own, we needed to have knowledge of coding. But now it is not so, now you can create a website through Control Management System (CMS) without any coding knowledge.

As we have told you earlier that there are two types of WordPress. Out of which you can create a website for anyone. Let us understand the process of both.

How to Create a WordPress Website on WordPress.Com?

You do not need any type of domain and hosting to create a website on WordPress.Com. For this, you must have an email account. So that you can share your identity with WordPress. So friends, first of all, you have to go to the official website of WordPress.Com and create a new account on WordPress.Com using your Email / G-Mail. After which you have to follow 2 other steps. In which you have to choose your Username, User Password, the name of your website and finally you have to choose your package. In which you will be given many different facilities.

Now you are making a website for free, then you have to choose the option that is free. And now your website will be created.

How to Create a WordPress Website on WordPress.Org?

Friends, to create a WordPress website on WordPress.Org, it is very important for you to have two things. First a domain and second hosting. So, friends, you do not need to panic on hearing their name. We will also give you complete information about this. So let’s know in brief what is Domain and Hosting?

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What is Domain?

Friends Domain is a name. Just like people call you by your name Sanjay, Sanju, Sachin, or any other name. So because of this name they can recognize you. Even if you are not in front of them, your name will be called whenever in front of them. Then your picture will come to their mind. So that they will know which person is talking about them.

All these things also apply to a domain. As soon as a person searches the name of your website, then he comes to your website. It is this identity that has brought that person to your website. Friends, for example, you search our website HindiMiHelp.Com in Google. So you come to our website. This is called the domain which is the identity of our website. So friends now let’s talk about hosting.

What is Hosting?

Hosting is the place on the Internet where you can keep all the data stored on your website. Which you can manage by connecting with your domain, staying in any corner of the world. And you can also display your website through the Internet in front of everyone in the whole world. When you put any video, audio, or article on your website, then the work of showing it to the whole world is done by hosting. It stores your data. You can display this data as per your wish. This place to store data is called a web server.

This web server is connected to the Internet 24 hours a day, so that your website is always displayed on the Internet.

To show the website on the Internet, you will need hosting, and to identify your website, you will need a name for your website which is called Domain. You must have both of these if you want to create a professional website.

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