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Headphones are a DJ’s best friend and are an important tool and a part of any DJ setup across the board. Headphones connect us to our mix and isolate us from the noise of a club, room, or venue. It’s a wise investment, and it makes sense not to go for the cheapest regular or non-DJ headphones when there are so many great options.

DJ headphones range from very inexpensive models designed for the hobbyist DJ or DJ in the bedroom to professional and expensive headphones featuring festival lists and sold out shows of the world’s best DJs. DJ headphones come in many specifications to suit any user. There is more to choose from than ever before so the price of headphones has decreased over time. Now we can get better headphones at a lower price than ever before. Ultra-sharpened hats and bass lines aren’t just for high-end headphones anymore – look forward to it!

Here we take a look at some of the best headphones under $ 100. For that price, you can get some really good headphones. They shed night after night and they will last for years if you treat them properly. For devices, including headphones, sound quality is a priority. If headphones sound quality is poor, then you are basically a DJ. You cannot hear things effectively. Sounds may be weak, muffled, or distorted.

You can lose track of your hats, your vocal line can be soft and hard to distinguish, or your synths can scream tin distortion that annoys you more and more as the mix progresses. Every component of your song should be clearly heard, as this is an essential necessity.

These days, many DJs offer great sound quality, but not all of them produce enough sound to claim high-volume action.

Koss Pro-4AA Studio

Want clearer and cleaner sound? Whether you are a professional or an audiophile, the studio-grade Koss Pro-4AA headphones have everything you need. These are soundproof studio headphones with dynamic response that allow you to get high frequency performance at full frequency.

It is built up of heavy metal with a padded headband. This design comes standard with premium technology on board.

The Pro-4AA can be seen in studios and parties and is reliable enough to meet the strict requirements of a DJ. It is able to eliminate unwanted noise while achieving the best sound quality.

In short, you get headphones with great isolation, accurate music playback, and great sound quality, making them ideal for live performances at an affordable price.

Sony MDRZX110NC 

Who wouldn’t want noise canceling headphones that cost less than $ 100? We bet everyone wants something cheap but reliable, like the Sony MDRZX110NC noise canceling headphones. They are on-ear headphones with a frequency range from 12Hz to 22kHz to achieve clear, mid-high, and clear bass.

These Best DJ Headphones Under 100 are lightweight and reduce ambient noise by up to 95%, so you can hear more music with less outside noise. With the long lasting battery, it can last up to 80 hours.

Wherever you go, especially in low frequency settings, ideally all unnecessary noise will be removed. Unfortunately, you can still rarely see signal interference at higher frequencies.

AKG K240STUDIO Semi-Open

The On-Ear are semi-open DJ headphones for professional performance and are good. It is newer and has less resistance. This 55 ohm version is ideal for higher volume levels when used with other musical devices such as drum machines, keyboards, and mobile devices.

Developed with self-adjusting ear that provide perfect fit and comfort even after hours of use.

With high-fidelity dynamic transducer for a high performance and frequency response from 15Hz to 25kHz. Features 1/8-inch mini-jack and 2ΒΌ-inch stereo connections with an interchangeable 3-meter connecting cable.

In addition, it comes with a steel cable and professional grade one-sided audio connection, ensuring reliability even for high demands in the studio.


The GRADO SR80e, the Prestige series helmet, has already been declared one of the world’s most formidable transformers. It has deep and detailed sound quality. It gives us a pure, lively and live sound that beats well when needed. The back which gives us the best studio for a comfortable feeling.


The Koss professional full-size headphones. Launched in 1970, they were the first dynamic headphones to provide accurate, full-frequency, and highly reliable performance with great sound insulation capabilities.

You don’t have to spend all your money that you collect for the best DJ headphones. I hope our list of best offers has given you enough understanding to manage revamping old headphones. Although these headphones have some standard features, the listening experience and sound quality are very exceptional.

These headphones combine exceptional sound quality with a durable construction and essential functions to create a professional pair of boxes ideal for concerts. Although it is only available in one shade, it looks amazing and will last you for a very long time.

Choose the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro if you wish for the  best DJ headphones for under $ 100 and get the best bang for your buck. It is light, comfortable and has a decent sound. It’s also smaller and more adaptable, ideal for those on a budget.

By Anurag Rathod

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