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How to assemble white postage boxes correctly

How to assemble white postage boxes correctly

The small postage boxes are used largely for the mailing and shipping purposes. They are a reliable packaging solution for all types of items especially for those that are to be sent through mail or courier. These containers are usually manufactured with the corrugated cardboard stock but for exceptional cases, they can also be manufactured with the Kraft stock. Their shape may look like a regular box but their strength, reliability, and protection is much more than that. They are trusted for safe and sound delivery of several items including gift items, toys, medicines, and athletic accessories. These containers are so frequently used that they can be seen inside the house, office or the storeroom. For sending a few things such boxes are an ideal choice but those who need to send items in bulk quantity, they need these containers in a larger quantity. For this purpose, they purchase these cartons from an online store, which usually dispatches them in a flat shape. Such flat-shaped containers require a proper technique to follow when they are to be restored to their actual shape. This technique is a must in order to get the maximum benefit of the carton. 

The following is a step to step guide on how to assemble these small postage boxes to get a perfectly shaped container. 

1. Spread the sheet properly

Find a solid, wide place to spread the flat-shaped sheet. The place must be wide enough that can hold the sheet properly. A narrow and soft place cannot provide the amount of support that the sheet requires for turning into a proper box. 

2. Look at the creases

After placing the sheet on a hard, flat surface, the next thing to do is to look for the creases. The pre-marked lines from where the sheet needs to be folded. If there are markings present on the sheet then it is good but if there are not, then you should not be worried about that because you can mark them by yourself by following these simple steps.

  • On the right and left edges of the top and bottom panels mark lines for flap locks
  • Similarly, on the front edge of each panel mark lines for walls
  • Mark the rear panel, between the top and bottom panels, from the edge of each panel

Folding the sheet from these markings help to give the postage gift boxes a perfect shape. It is better if you check each of the creases by folding it for once. In this way, you will get to know if a crease is not marked properly. After that, put the sheet into its prior condition, the flat shape. 

3. Fold up the front and rear panel

The front and the rear panel are the first folding that needs to be done. This is because they help leveling the side panels and give an accurate estimate about the next folding.

4. Put up the side panels

The next folding is of the side panels, both left and right. After folding, they will provide support as well as a folding point to the tuck-in flaps, which are also on the same sides.

5. Fold the tuck-in flaps

The tuck-in flaps are added to the large letter size postage boxes for a reason, which is extra security. These flaps are folded from above the side panels and they are tucked-in into their dedicated slots at the bottom panel. In this way, the sides of the container are protected with a double layer of the board that ensures maximum safety and security. 

6. Fold the top panel

By now, your container is almost ready, all you have to do now is to fold the top panel downward and tuck in the flaps of the top panel into the pocket that was created after folding the tuck-in flaps. 

Your container is good to go. All these steps have to follow just as they are mentioned in order to get a perfect shaped casing, especially when you buy postage boxes online in a bulk quantity. Such cardboard boxes for postage are trusted by the courier companies as well as those who need to send valuable items to their loved one and their clients through the mail. 

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