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If you have a beard, you should own it rather than allowing it to own you. This entails mastering the art of beard grooming, which is a macho skill. You’re about to learn how to do exactly that. You’ll also learn how to develop a bigger beard and how to make your beard grow faster.

Beard Oil 

You’ve probably heard of beard oil. But, exactly, what is beard oil? Simply defined, it’s an oil (or, more commonly, a mix of oils) that tames and moisturises your beard. Carrier oils are the essential oils. Here are a few carrier oils that you’ll find in popular beard oil products, along with their respective properties:

  • Argan Oil: For beard suppleness and itch relief
  • Jojoba Oil: To aid in the removal of excess sebum
  • Sunflower Oil: It’s said to keep beard hair from breaking.
  • Avocado Oil: For removing “beardruff” and adding fullness to the beard.

A Bit About Beard Growth Rates

You might be thinking, “How fast does a beard grow?” whether you’re a total beard-growing beginner or simply wish to grow your beard faster. We have a few responses for you.

According to Gillette (who would prefer to see you CUT off that beard! ), the typical beard grows 0.27 mm every 24 hours. When you’re trying to grow out your beard, it can feel like an eternity. A beard, in reality, grows in bits and spurts in accordance with hair growth cycles. It grows at a rate of around a quarter to half an inch every month.

If you want to get things moving faster, go for a beard growth oil, which is a more specific type of product than beard oil.

Mancode Rosemary & Cedar Wood Beard Oil is a best-selling signature oil that’s designed to help thicken and stimulate beard growth.

What You Can Expect With Consistent Use of Beard Oil

When you apply beard oil appropriately, you’ll see results almost immediately. Correct application entails massaging it in, combing it through, and applying it at least twice a day, in the morning and evening. With repeated use, you’ll be able to determine the exact amount of beard oil to use. You’ll develop the habit of massaging it into your skin, which is necessary if you want to promote further development.

Your once-wiry beard should be smoother and softer after three weeks. A previously scraggly beard should be more uniform, and if you’re growing your beard using beard oil, you might notice some length and fullness changes.

Another Way to Increase Beard Fullness & Growth

As previously said, what you eat has an impact on how well your beard develops. You can eat the following foods to improve your hair’s overall health as well as fuel your beard:

  • Lean Protein– chicken and lean red meat
  • Zinc-Rich Foods– nuts and chickpeas
  • Vitamin and Antioxidant-Breakfast filled with fruits and veggies 

Now, if you’re like most guys, you don’t always have the time or interest to learn the nutrient profile of each product grown by Mother Nature. So, take a shortcut and make sure you’re getting the key vitamins and nutrients your beard requires to grow faster and fuller.

A supplement removes the element of chance from the equation. Make certain it’s designed specifically for beard and hair growth (biotin is a major ingredient you want it to include). In approximately a month, if you take a supplement on a regular basis, you’ll notice that you have better skin and nails.

Do Beard Oils Work? 

Yes, in the end. Yes, they do. That’s why they’re flying off the shelves at the pharmacy and being delivered in every neighbourhood multiple times a day. However, there are additional things in your arsenal that can help you grow the greatest beard you’ve ever had.

Okay, What Else Ya’ Got?

Have you heard of beard soap before? Put down your GF’s shampoo if you’re tempted to soap up that beard with it. Beard soap isn’t a shampoo or a soap. A decent beard soap will exfoliate the skin and leave natural oils behind, which you wouldn’t anticipate from a shampoo. However, unlike some beard soaps, don’t expect a lot of suds. Consider using a beard soap that is beneficial for both your beard and your skin. Mancode Beard growth oil gets rid of beardruff, acne, and even psoriasis, and you don’t have to stop there: you may use it on every region of your body.

Styling tools to assist apply the product and tame the beard are another must-have beard item. It also has a pleasant sensation. A nice beard comb (wooden ones help disperse beard oil) as well as a brush and/or a moustache comb are all options. If you don’t want the whole wild woodsman look, you’ll also want to keep a good set of scissors and sharp razors on hand to clean up the beard line.

By Anurag Rathod

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