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Manually recording time and attendance of your employee might not be the most ideal method. It takes up a lot of time of your HR managers and employees, and it is repetitive which can be frustrating as well. This is why you should invest in time and attendance management software, that allows you to automate the time tracking process.

Investing in such a tool will also allow you to reduce the labour cost and reduce the workload on your HR and employees. But how do you choose the right tool for your organization when there are so many options available in the market. In this article, we show you some tips that will help you understand what you should look for:

Easy to Use

No matter what kind of software you are going to invest in for your business, the first thing you need to ensure is that the software offers an easy to use interface. If the tool is too complicated, it will only waste your employees’ time.

An easy to use software will ensure that your investment was worth the money and the adoption rate will be high as well.

Mobile Compatibility

Every efficient software comes with mobile compatibility today and so should your time and attendance management software as well. Being able to clock in and out from your smartphone or even apply for leaves or time offs can be really helpful for your employees.

This is why it is important to look for attendance management software that offers mobile apps as well. Managers will also have an easier time approving leaves and time offs on the go.

Tracking Overtime

Another feature most companies forget to look for is being able to record and calculate overtime hours of your employees. Your attendance management software should be able to calculate the extra hour’s employees are spending in the office.


With an audit feature, you will be able to maintain and track the changes done to the original data in the software. This feature will help maintain the effectiveness and efficiency of your software.

Time off and Leaves Tracking

Sometimes an employee might get sick, forcing them to take an urgent leave. Leave requests such as this can affect your operation if you are tracking leaves manually. Look for an attendance management software that offers the ability to track leaves of your employees automatically, so you can streamline personnel planning.

Self-service portal

An effective attendance management software should offer self-service portals for your employees that allows them to easily mark their work hours and time offs by themselves. This will eliminate the need to wait for email replies or employee’s need to visit the HR or their manager to ask for leave approvals.


Your attendance software should have a notification feature that sends an alert to employees or managers when they forgot to punch in or punch out. Timely notification can help employees efficiently manage their attendance.

Integration Capabilities

A must-have feature for every business, the ability to integrate with other tools used in your organization, especially with your payroll software. Integrating it with your payroll software will allow you to automate the complete process. This will also eliminate the possibility of human errors while calculating the payroll of your employees, which is pretty common when done manually.

It is important to ensure that you ask the vendor you choose to go with about the ability to integrate with other HR tools your own.


Look for an attendance management tool that offers the ability to create exquisite reports with the data available to you. However, to achieve this, you will need a tool that can provide detailed insights into your employee’s work patterns.


Another must-have feature you need in an attendance management software is a policy compliance function. To ensure that you are complying with the standard regulatory policies, ask the vendor if their tool offers such policies compliance capabilities or not.


Managing time and attendance of your employees should not put an unnecessary burden on your HR managers. Invest in efficient attendance management software, so your HR has the time to work on building effective business strategies instead of being stuck doing repetitive boring tasks.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.