Animated Video in the Sales Funnel

An explainer video is one of the most effective mediums businesses use to enhance their marketing strategies. Moreover, you can use video at the different levels of your sales funnel, and it will boost your conversions and improve your lead generations with potential leads.

However, for marketers, knowing which tools can give them the best results at the different levels of the customer journey is essential.

If you want to boost your conversions, it is essential to trigger customers buying behavior with the information that satisfies their queries and analyzes your target audience.

Here in this blog, we will discuss how you can incorporate animated videos to enhance your sales and how you can incorporate them into your marketing strategy rightly.

The Customer Journey starts with Awareness Stage

The awareness stage comes at the top of the sales funnel. When customers are in this phase, they identify pain and look for available solutions in the market by different brands. 

Companies need to explain how their product or service is better than competitors and how it fulfills customers’ needs. It is ideal for businesses to use an educational approach at this stage.

At this time, avoid “salesy” and “advertising videos.” For marketers, it is the ideal time to connect with the customers, make the audience aware of your product or service, and make them your loyal customers. At this stage, your aim should be to provide the audience with relevant information that improves their knowledge.

To create your content strategy and which type of content can influence the consumers’ decision-making, consider these questions:

How do potential customers express their problems?

How do your customers research their required solution?

What do your customers perceive if any product doesn’t fulfill their needs?

So, incorporate answers to these questions in your video; when you incorporate a video at this stage of the sales funnel, you will get better results. It is ideal to use animated videos at this phase.

Animated videos have become one of the most effective mediums to enhance your marketing activities, and it is the main objective of every business during the awareness stage.

The Consideration Phase

The consideration phase comes at the funnel’s middle. Your audience has researched and fully understands the pains, but they are still searching for the product or service that fulfills their needs.

It is the best time to guide them on how your service or product can fulfill their needs. Marketers need to assist their audience and introduce them to their company’s product or services.

At this stage, customers usually search for the various options offered by different companies and analyze which product or service is best for their needs. Create an animated video that grabs the audience’s attention.

Explain to your customers that you are offering the ideal product or service to fulfill their needs and influence their buying behavior to choose your company.

It is one of the most crucial stages that requires innovation and creativity in a video because companies try to grab the audience’s attention at this phase. Convey audience that your brand understands their problem and put its utmost effort into providing them with the best solution that will fulfill their need.

Use a video that will help you in achieving your business objectives, but for that, you need to look for the answers to the following questions:

What sorts of solutions do people look for?

How does the audience analyze which product or service is best for their needs?

How do customers evaluate the pros and cons of the product they are looking for?

Marketers can use the product videos and explainer videos for better results at this stage.

Use Animated videos to deliver complex ideas in a simple message more effectively. The beauty of these videos is that you can incorporate visuals and creative storytelling techniques to make them more engaging.

People can associate with your brand if your video has a fun element.

Animated videos are ideal for marketing because these videos highlight the features and benefits of a product or service. When an audience watches these videos, they get to know more about your product or service.

These videos are ideal for promoting your business, and they build audience interest in your product or service and make them a loyal customer of your company.

Decision-Making Phase

During this stage, the audience again analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of a product or service. At this stage, you can remove the audience’s doubts so that they can consider your brand over competitors.

Marketers can trigger customers buying behavior; they need to highlight the advantages of their offerings and the reasons that differentiate their product or service from other brands. You can showcase your testimonials, awards, company rankings etc.

It gives the audience an idea of how your brand is the ideal option for them. Influence the consumer buying behavior, which is why your content should be creative and engaging here.

The main objective of using video content at this phase will influence customers’ decision-making and increase their trust in your company. These video marketing techniques enhance your brand awareness and boost your sales and revenue.

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Closing Remarks

Marketers usually use videos in the sales funnel to increase their organization’s sales and brand awareness. It is ideal for businesses to incorporate video in their marketing strategy to achieve their objectives. So, now you have learned how to incorporate a video at the various sales funnel levels.

Even a 30-second commercial video can do wonders for your business. If you want to know the 30-seconds commercial video cost? we will guide you. You can create a 30-second commercial video from $100 to $1,000. However, some companies are willing to pay more for the videos for high-quality content, but this is an average price.

By Anurag Rathod

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