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If you have not yet taken a trip to Anchorage city, then get ready to tour it’s amazing attractions. The city is surrounded by the Chugach Mountains and is the largest city in Alaska. The city is a renowned commercial centre with a modern style of saturates. The city got damaged in 1964 due to a devastating earthquake and tsunami.

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The Alaska Native Heritage Center

The Alaska Native Heritage Center is located in the northeast of the city centre and explores the cultures of 11 Alaskan indigenous groups. Visit this great place to get knowledge of Alaska’s history and culture. You must watch out before the rest of the city and the Heritage Center, which has six traditional dwellings near the small Lake Tulane. Explore the demonstration village exhibiting artifacts and offering various experiences.

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The Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center

Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center is a modern, glass-fronted building that houses this expansive centre. You will find all the facilities that contain a broad range of art and historical items associated with Alaska and the arctic. Watch out for the museum’s features that include numerous travelling exhibits from around the world each year. This museum is located on the first floor of the Spark Lab, which has hands-on science and technology exhibits. You will find many interesting facts that are must learn by all.

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The Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail offers a coastal walking and biking trail that trims 11 miles of the Anchorage shoreline and is nestled heading southwest from downtown. You will find that this route starts near the city’s oldest home, Oscar Anderson House, stretched to the sombre setting of Earthquake Park. This is the point where information panels describe how the earthquake swallowed stretches of shoreline in 1964. Visit this beautiful trail to get insight into the wildlife sightings, popular routes, and the moose and beluga whales. You can come to this place with kids and make them watch all the exotic habitats.

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Chugach State Park

Chugach State Park is in the United States and is among the four largest state parks that covers a staggering 700 square miles. Hop into this park to have a look at the rugged terrain of mountains, glaciers, rivers, lakes, which also provide a home to bears, beavers, lynx, wolves, moose, and other wildlife. You will find many interesting sports activities like popular areas for hiking, skiing, and camping. You will find this park borders east of this city and joins the saltwater at various points along the Seward Highway. Have a look at the shores of Turnagain Arm while traveling. There are several trailheads that lead right from the city streets.

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