We all know that science says spending time outside is healthy for us. Most of us like going out and escaping with a little fresh air throughout our journeys. But where are you beginning? Try some of these activities, and you will find a new outdoor pastime for your next holiday to assist you in appreciating the outdoors.

Ideas for summer vacation

Riding a horse

Many individuals may be hesitant because they have no experience with horses. However, most operations offer horses for riders of all levels of expertise, even those with none. Horses can transport you over longer distances in less time, crossing terrain that would otherwise be difficult or inaccessible.


We all love a good concert while on vacation. I guess it just gives out a different kind of vibe, right? I mean we’re all tanned, relaxed and we’re there just to enjoy the music to the maximum and have the best of times with our group of friends. Now, we know that every decision should be spontaneous on vacation, and nothing should be planned in advance, but concerts are one of those things you should prepare for. Actually, the sooner you know you’d like to go to a specific show, the sooner you’d get your tickets on gotStubs for the best possible price. 

Take a look at the stars

The night sky is one of the many benefits of traveling outside of the city. You can see astonishing things such as planets, meteors, stars, and even more, and all that without even being bothered by light pollution. In addition, finding a nice dark sky location or a remote location away from cities may introduce you to a new interest and provide excellent possibilities to learn about astronomy.

Mountain riding and cycling

Spending time on a bike, whether on the trail or on the road, helps you to slow down and take in your surroundings. Mountain riding may provide a buzz to even the most ardent adrenaline ones, but road cycling may provide a more serene and soothing experience. Traveling by bike or renting one at your location has already broadened your exploring options.

Climbing on Rocks

Rock climbing is a great way to get a more physical and challenging outdoor experience. Climbing may be learned in a gym, but the genuine fun comes from putting those abilities to work outside. Many famous tourist sites provide excellent climbing within a day’s drive.

Rafting on whitewater

Are you searching for a bit of excitement to accompany your natural beauty? If you’re heading somewhere with hilly terrain, look for guided whitewater rafting activities near your location. Rafting allows you to touch with nature’s harsher side while being surrounded by a group and an expert guide.


Camping is a tried-and-true way to spend time in the great outdoors. It’s ideal for those who are new to spending time outdoors and a favorite among more seasoned nature enthusiasts. Furthermore, it may be used with practically any other outdoor activity to create a really immersive experience.

Ideas for winter vacation 

Snowboarding and Skiing

Many people associate winter travel with warmer weather, but you can always spice things up by visiting the mountains and learning how to appreciate the snow that so many of us dread each February. Of course, it’s great to curl up in front of the fire, but it’s even better after a day spent sculpting powder in a winter wonderland. Snowshoeing is an excellent method to go out in the snow this winter if you are less nimble and coordinated.


Hiking over winter snow is feasible if you have the proper boots. Snowshoes and poles prevent you from sinking, allowing you to step out into the frozen environment, feeling the snow crunch beneath your shoes, and exploring silent forests and white hillsides that shine in the winter light.

Safaris with huskies

Learn how to operate a team of huskies before going on a dog sled adventure deep into the wild, icy landscapes. As you settle the dogs each night in a remote log cabin or tent, keep an eye out for the Aurora Borealis fluttering across the sky.

Skiing in the cross-country course

Glide through snow-covered woods and across frozen lakes on backcountry routes, then push up into open wilderness above the tree line — a cross-country skiing break gets you to places that downhill skiing can’t. Instruction is usually provided, so even total beginners can enjoy this unique kind of wintery adventure.

By Anurag Rathod

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