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Answer this: what’s your primary goal when you are on a road trip to a popular destination? Do you want to see a huge crowd jostling and bumping against each other, or do you want a little bit of quiet and peace and enjoy your time with nature? If you love the crowd and you don’t mind bumping into a few people on your way to the destination then there is nothing much of value that we have to offer for you here but if you want a little bit of peace and quiet and not as much crowd then you are at the right place. Take a few moments to check out our list of offbeat yet amazing destinations to travel in India that you must visit at least once if you love travelling.

1. Bukhari Dinner At A Kumauni Homestead

Instead of visiting the crowded locations in Uttarakhand, head to Kumaon village that is much more peaceful and gives you a better opportunity of being one with nature. Instead of staying at a hotel try to find a homestead and stay with a family that takes guests. That is the best way to experience local life from up close and find out more about their ways of life and culinary cultures. You will love the experience of waking up to the smell of smoky flavored teas and breakfast prepared in the traditional hearth known as a bukhari.  Most of these homesteads are simple affairs with just a living quarter with a simple bed in it, but the simplicity is what makes it so unique and likeable about the experience.

2. Apple Orchards Of Kinnaur

Himachal Pradesh: The apple state of India is one of the most visited locations in northern India but more often than not you are going to find a huge crowd in the popular destinations just playing around with one another and buying apples by the kilo! What you can do instead is find a relatively less traveled location such as Kinnaur and spend a little bit of time with the local people.  When you are in Kinnaur don’t miss the opportunity to travel to the Tibet border and stroll by the Bapsa River. Kinnaur is a confluence of Buddhism and Hinduism and you should not miss checking out the temples here. The best time to travel is from September to October and early in February to march.

3. Bird-watching At Chakrata

If you love birds, check out the birds at Deoban in Chakrata which is 323 kms (7-8 hour bike ride) from Delhi. Chakrata is home to a lot of wildlife and history. There are rock edicts from 2nd century BC belonging to Ashoka the great and it was a cantonment area for Indian army during the India-China war of 1962. A mere 100kms away is Hanol, another secluded beauty nestled in the bosom of nature. There are quite a few resorts and lodges in Chakrata where you can spend a calm and peaceful night.

4. Yaks Of Sikkim

Have you ever seen yaks from a close quarter? Take a bike ride to Sikkim from Darjeeling and enjoy the scenic route. Compared to Darjeeling, Sikkim is much quieter and only a handful of tourists from Darjeeling make it up to Sikkim. It was part of the glorious silk route and therefore home to some of the oldest Buddhist establishments and monasteries that were set up as disciples of buddha traveled along the path from China to Persia. The best time to travel is early winter or all throughout spring from march to may.

5. Tigers Of Tadoba

The ancient god ‘Tadoba’ lends its name to maharashtra’s oldest tiger reserve forest. It is near the Andhari river (not Andheri as many people mistakenly think), and spreads across 578 sq.Kms. Just like Jim Corbett national park, Tadoba tiger reserve is home to the Royal Bengal Tiger. Apart from the majestic striped cats, you can also catch a glimpse of leopards, sloth bears and hyenas. Keep away from the marsh lands here which is home to marsh crocodiles.

6. Rustic Mud Huts Of Khimsar

Khimsar, a charming rustic settlement on the bikaner-barmer road (NH62) that gets overshadowed by the more popular destinations such as bikaner and jodhpur. There is a fort in Khimsar and it is the gateway to the magnificent thar desert. If you happen to be in the general vicinity of this location, make sure to visit it and stay the night. Eateries and accommodations are comparatively cheap. Also, try a camel safari to the desert for great instagram memories!

BONUS TIP: A few safety advises

All of these locations are easily accessible on a two-wheeler. You can easily get on a 150CC commuter motorcycle and hit a few of these locations but an adventure bike will make the journey a lot more effortless. A key safety tip to visiting less travelled locations in india is to be always on your guard and keep your eyes open to ensure that you don’t end up being the victim of a theft. Always park your vehicle in a clearly visible spot and carry your motorcycle helmet, riding safety gear and luggage bags indoors when you are settling down for the night.

By Anurag Rathod

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