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Explore the Top 6 Best Waterfalls in India

Explore the Top 6 Best Waterfalls in India

Waterfalls are the most amazing gift of nature. In India, there are a number of stunning and amazing waterfalls encompassed by the enormous walls of rock, thick woods and rich green trees. The Waterfalls offers a fabulous 360-degree view of sunlight, roaring water masses, the surrounding stone mountains and deep valleys.

In the Monsoon season, tourists can witness some of the beautiful and tallest waterfalls in the world. India has a long list of waterfalls and we have listed a few of them in this blog. Keep reading it and get familiar with the best Indian waterfalls. 

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Dudhsagar Waterfall – Goa

You can witness this outstanding waterfall in the state of Goa. It is created by the Mandovi River, Dudhsagar waterfall is also known as the “Sea of Milk”, it is the highest waterfall in India and ranked 227th in all over the world. It is surrounded by wonderful jungle and the Rocky Mountains of the Western Ghats. Dudhsagar is one of the world’s most beautiful falls and during the monsoon season, it becomes one of the most attractive natural phenomena in Goa.

Jog Waterfall – Karnataka

The most celebrated Jog Waterfalls is made by Sharavathi River in the Shimoga District of Karnataka. Jog Waterfalls is the second-most elevated falls in India with a height of 830 ft after the enormous Nohkalikai Falls 1100 in Meghalaya. Its superb area for touring and this is one of the significant vacation destinations and considered as the top ten highest waterfalls in India. 

The first- highest waterfall in India, it has 83 picturesque points, as it falls directly to the earth. The roar, the shower and the enormous flow of water can be seen during the blustery or storm season. Moreover, it is declared as one of the ecological spots in the world by UNESCO. 

Bhagsu Waterfalls, Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh

Close to a well-known hill station called Mcleodganj, the Bhagsu falls are a fortune that deepens the charm of this place. In an appealing arrangement, the swishing of the waters in all that you get hears when visiting the spot in an offseason. The main feature of the district, this waterfall has been called by some as a little heaven.

Nohsngithiang Waterfall – Meghalaya

Nohsngithiang waterfalls called the seven sisters waterfalls, it is one of the noteworthy waterfalls in Meghalaya and the fourth highest waterfalls in India. It is situated in the East Khasi Hills region of Meghalaya close to the Mawsmai town, hence, called as Mawsmai falls. Nohsngithiang cascades just streams during the rainstorm season from a height of 1,033 ft on the precipices of the Khasi slopes. 

Meghalaya is known as the wettest spot in India, because of substantial downpour falls there are a few cascades shows up in the locale, for example, Dain Thlen Falls, Kynrem Falls and the most wonderful Nohkalikai Falls. The falling waterfalls are encompassed by a valley, canyon and piles of rocks of various shapes and sizes on all sides. Mawsmai territory is additionally known for its profound gorges, wildlife and a broad underground cavern area. 

Elephant Falls, Shillong, Meghalaya

One of the most famous waterfalls of India, the Elephant falls are exceptional. It is the highlight of these tumbles to be an incredible experience spot of the state that makes them recognized and charming. Being one of the most thronged visitor places in Shillong, these falls are isolated into three areas that spill out in a series.

Athirappilly Waterfall – Kerala

Kerala is called as the land of Gods, it has a number of places like sand beaches, waterfalls, incredible forests and more. One thing which surprises the tourists more is its alluring waterfalls. This place consists of many waterfalls but Athirapally is famous among the tourists. It is created by the Chalakudy River in the Vazhachal forest. 

This 80 ft waterfall flow through a landscape of winding roads, small villages and lush green trees. The forest range is home to many rare and widespread species of flora and fauna, the only place in India where 4 rare the Great Hornbill, the State Bird of Kerala species are found. Visit this beautiful destination by applying for an Indian visa

The list of waterfalls in India is huge, but the above given are the most loved one by the tourists. Explore them by getting the E-visa India.  

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