old city of san juan

The Old City of San Juan has no resorts, hotels, beaches, and definitely not a lot of scenic natural views, however, it is a popular place in Puerto Rico to be at. The city holds a 500 yrs old historical significance, remarkable colonial architecture and a timeless magic that leaves you tongue-tied. San Here’s a list of things that you can do during your time in the walled city.

Salsa Dancing:

Salsa is one popular dance form of South American Culture. When in Puerto Rico, Salsa Dancing is a must-try. La Factoría is one popular spot to enjoy the divine magic of Salsa, then there was Nuyorican Café (where Mick Jagger performed once) but unfortunately, it is now closed.

The food at Fortaleza Street:

Puerto Rico is rich in street food and a rewarding menu that will create wonders in your mouth. San Juan has a variety of food flavors. Be it International cuisine, fusion meals, intensive Caribbean culinary and other global meals; You will find everything here. Fortaleza Street has about as perfect Restaurant Row that has some reputed cafes and eateries. The street even hosts its own culinary festival bi-annually. It’s not like Fortaleza street is the only place you will have to eat at, but the fact that it has multi-cuisine food options suiting your taste buds.

Historic Forts:

Old San Juan has a historic fortress in its area that is supposedly massively large. Castillo de San Cristobal and El Morro are the two most popular tourist spots of the city and for good reasons. Even the governor’s mansion ‘La Fortaleza’ is commonly addressed as ‘The Fortress’ because of its roots attached with the history of San Juan.

Art Galleries:

San Juan has an artistic legacy surviving in the Old city. It has numerous art galleries and shops that will attract your eyes; Galería Botello is one such splendid place that has an extensive art collection. You can also visit Obra Galería to satisfy the art lover within you.

A stroll by the sides of Paseo La Princesa:

Paseo La Princesa is a paved public walk that emerges from near the harbor at the foot of the city and ends at the Raices Fountain. On weekends the environment of the city becomes more lively. With small cultural performances and small stalls lining the roads, the town looks nothing more than a fair. Enjoy some time exploring the local cuisines and take a good walk around the promenade during sunset to have the best experience ever. You’ll get a perfect view of the bay from Raices Fountain. Click some amazing pictures to document your memories. Juan is popular amongst the best Caribbean destinations and is easily accessible with Copa Airlines Reservations.

Enjoy the City Lights:

San Juan has some exotic bars, lounges, and clubs. The old city is known to have a fantastic nightlife. San Juan doesn’t feel that old after the sun sinks. Moonlight sprinkles a potion of youth on Old San Juan and turns the night much younger. You will find multi-level discos and funky bars in the town that’ll take you to another level.

House of Ponce de León:

Casa de Los Ponce de Leon is one of the oldest structures of San Juan, back in time, it once served as a fortress and home to the earliest ruling family. The man who initiated the search for the mythical fountain of youth, Ponce de León, built this beautiful house. His family lived here for almost 200 years after he left off his home on his search for immortality. You can experience a trip back in the ages here; this historic house is a popular highlight of the city.

Shopping for Souvenir:

Puerto Rico has a distinctive taste in handicrafts and cultural symbols, which serve as very good souvenirs for Travelers around the world. If you need something more authentic, you will find a plethora of options in the Old City because of its varied and original culture. You can also shop for Panama hats and hand-carved wooden figurines to give your home a touch of traditional South American home decors. Are you planning to take a break and fly to the pristine beaches of the US? If yes, you can book your flight with Airlines. It offers the best deals in flights within a short time of your travel. To book the cheapest flights, you need to call the American Airlines Reservations

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